07 May 2014


There's nothing better than losing yourself in a book. Wow, that sounded so geek. Haha! Oh well, I finished a book a week ago titled Toxic (book 2) written by Rachel Van Dyken which made to my favorite things in life.  The first book is Ruin which reminded me of A Walk to Remember which I am fan of, but not Ruin. It was followed by Toxic which is like Notting Hill in a way or two. But Toxic is different. It is about  falling in love again after what seems like a very long nightmare. Finding hope to a happily ever after.Though there were parts I wished the author explored more, like the girl's story (Saylor). I think Toxic has too much dose of Gabe and Kimmy's. But as a whole, the book is great. Totally recommending ya'll to read.

And this folks is my favorite line from the book:

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And I think the perfect song for the story is U2's With or Without You. If you know the story behind the song, it is just like the book. Bono's passion for music complicates his life with his wife. Bono said "neither facet of his life defined him, but rather the tension between the two did....and how repressing desires only makes them stronger." Just like Gabe, he has this part of his life he can't let go (with Kimmy's) and another part which involves Saylor, his happily ever after. Gabe can't live with Saylor as this would bring pain to both of them as he cannot love her wholly but he also can't live without Saylor as she fiercely loves her. God I love Toxic and the song. Okay I'm out. 

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