10 January 2014

Mute Button

I am definitely not indifferent. You're boring. 

In my work now, or even in the previous one, it requires a show for interest about matters even God doesn't want to know because it is that boring. I am constantly boggled why people share disinteresting stuff, I mean hello, don’t you have your siblings for that?

People often brand me as a quiet person but I am not. I just don’t want to talk about the things they share with me. Of course I am not rude so I’ll listen but please don’t take 20 minutes of my time discussing what color fits you or what happened to your cat AND expect me to do so too.  Believe me you would not want to know what's up with my cat too.

Some people assume things about me since I am a "quiet" person. From assuming I have problems to thinking I lack social skills. I'm like whatever, as long you shut up. I just wish there is polite way of saying shut the hell up. Some people just need a mute button.

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