09 January 2014

I Just Cannot

So here's a question: How do you like to start your morning?

In a dream world, my morning would always be quiet, where I would never have to rush. Not even for breakfast or a beautiful sunrise. Then I'd be able to lie in bed for hours, checks phone and contemplating life... but I know 
this rarely, if ever, happens of course.
My alarm usually goes off at 7:30, although I do hit the snooze a couple of times.. okay I admit more than a couple of times. Then I visit the ladies’ room, splash some water on my face, and drag myself to the kitchen, not stopping for anything or anyone until I have that cup of coffee in my hand. 

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Nothing, and I mean literally nothing, is worth waking up early for me. I love my bed, it is almost my shrine. Wouldn't you love it when we get to wake up anytime we want with no consequences. I am not saying I am not gonna work, it's just that i want it to be in my own phase. Where we could wake up late and still finish what we have to do in a day.

 I'm kind of a grumpy animal for the first hour or two after I get up. When my shift at work starts early, my staff would always notice how I really hate mornings. Ha-ha! I'm pretty uncommunicative first thing in the morning so sorry if you happen to wake up next to me. I really cannot be all jolly in the morning. I just cannot. well, except for bacon. They're awesome.

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