10 January 2014

Mute Button

I am definitely not indifferent. You're boring. 

In my work now, or even in the previous one, it requires a show for interest about matters even God doesn't want to know because it is that boring. I am constantly boggled why people share disinteresting stuff, I mean hello, don’t you have your siblings for that?

People often brand me as a quiet person but I am not. I just don’t want to talk about the things they share with me. Of course I am not rude so I’ll listen but please don’t take 20 minutes of my time discussing what color fits you or what happened to your cat AND expect me to do so too.  Believe me you would not want to know what's up with my cat too.

Some people assume things about me since I am a "quiet" person. From assuming I have problems to thinking I lack social skills. I'm like whatever, as long you shut up. I just wish there is polite way of saying shut the hell up. Some people just need a mute button.

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09 January 2014

I Just Cannot

So here's a question: How do you like to start your morning?

In a dream world, my morning would always be quiet, where I would never have to rush. Not even for breakfast or a beautiful sunrise. Then I'd be able to lie in bed for hours, checks phone and contemplating life... but I know 
this rarely, if ever, happens of course.
My alarm usually goes off at 7:30, although I do hit the snooze a couple of times.. okay I admit more than a couple of times. Then I visit the ladies’ room, splash some water on my face, and drag myself to the kitchen, not stopping for anything or anyone until I have that cup of coffee in my hand. 

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Nothing, and I mean literally nothing, is worth waking up early for me. I love my bed, it is almost my shrine. Wouldn't you love it when we get to wake up anytime we want with no consequences. I am not saying I am not gonna work, it's just that i want it to be in my own phase. Where we could wake up late and still finish what we have to do in a day.

 I'm kind of a grumpy animal for the first hour or two after I get up. When my shift at work starts early, my staff would always notice how I really hate mornings. Ha-ha! I'm pretty uncommunicative first thing in the morning so sorry if you happen to wake up next to me. I really cannot be all jolly in the morning. I just cannot. well, except for bacon. They're awesome.

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