05 November 2013

Why Attract Women

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Women still got it. Whatever women say, men have to.. in business power play that is. According to Women's Marketing Inc. (WMI), women controlled the whopping 85% of all purchases.  WMI's study also confirmed that women made 65% of all car purchases, 66% of computer cases, 80% of Healthcare decisions and 93% of food purchases. We can see clearly that even if your product targets male population, its should be marketed appealingly to women too.

The next question is, how to attract women? We all know the power of the internet and even more now that it can be on our mobile phones. WMI researchers revealed that 46% of women will turn to their smartphone when they first wake up in the morning. In addition, 63% of women won't go an hour without checking their phones, says Harris Interactive. Thus, this handheld device, to which most women are so hopelessly addicted can become a very powerful tool to your business. So if you think your business website isn't mobile friendly? Give your website designer a call and start making your business appealing more to women..because we, women, still got you. 

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