28 October 2013

keeping tabs

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I definitely miss everything. I miss the long hours of reading books (Sarah Dessen's Just Listen which I can't seem to finish), I miss blogging, I miss watching my favorite tv shows (How I Met Your Mother just started its final season) and I miss grabbing drinks whenever i wanted to...I miss all those simple things. I know pretty much that at some point I really need to work, it's just that I didn't expect it to be this difficult. I think the worst part of it is, I don't own my time anymore. So I am adjusting and clearly not smoothly.

I miss my brother Lyndon too. He is now working abroad, specifically in Dammam. We always facebook or skype each other but it's really different when he's here. I miss our talk, from the random shallow things happening in our lives to the deepest thoughts we could only share to each other. I also miss our drinking sessions, partying or even just listening to music and hang out. He's like my partner in crimes. And now that he's gone to the other side of the world, literally, I miss him and everything we did. 

I miss doing events. It annoys me that I can't handle events anymore. It's the one thing I'm happy doing. Yes, it's stressful but it's the stress that gives me joy at the end especially when the clients are satisfied. I miss that kind of joy. 

I miss my old life where my problems just revolve around with this one question: "will I go to school or not?" I hate that the only free time I get is when I sleep. I hate that I can't read books, blog or watch a freakin' movie if I wanted to. I hate that my brother is not here. I hate that I'm not in events anymore. I think it is safe to say that this point of my life is not going to my favorites. Growing up sucks, hard. 

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