09 August 2013

Say What?

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When I was told about the news I could not believe it. Just few days ago one of my favorite authors, Kiera Cass, came to Philippines for the book signing events (August 3 at Glorietta 1 and August 4 at Ayala Center Cebu) and I undoubtedly regretting that I just missed it. Say what?! If I knew Cass would be in Manila, I should have booked my flight earlier (ugh). Moving on, I enjoyed reading every chapter from her The Selection trilogy. So what it is all about? Publishers Weekly described the trilogy as "a cross between The Hunger Games and The Bachelor". It brought us to the world of America Singer who is chosen to compete with the other 35 girls to be the wife of Prince Maxon and be the next queen. America at first did not want it for she had to leave Aspen, her secret lover who belongs to a caste below her, and live in a palace which is often under attack by rebels. But after meeting Prince Maxon, her views changed.

In the second installment, The Elite, only six girls remained to fight for the crown and will marry Prince Maxon. Now that there's only few of them left, the other girls are more determined to win Maxon over. America now has to decide - a future with Maxon or a future with Aspen.  

The last installment (The One) will be release next year. It has two companions: The Prince (from Maxon's POV) which was published last March 5 just this year and The Guard (from Aspen's POV) which will be released February next year. The first two books of the trilogy didn't give much good cliffhangers but they were well enough without them and still sent me over the edge of my seat (well in my case, the edge of my bed. haha!)

I read a bunch of books to get over this trilogy and now with the news that Cass just visited the Philippines my excitement for the last book just went through the roof again (sigh). I think I need to finished another set of great books to ease my mind over this. Lol I just wish Cass would change her mind and release The One earlier. That would be one hell of a treat for me or for us. 

06 August 2013

Which is which?

So I've been fascinated about bisexuality since I started reading Sylvia Day's Crossfire series. One of the characters named Cary Taylor is described as the bisexual best friend of the girl protagonist. I have never been interested about bisexuality before because I don't have a friend who's a bi  and it's not really a new thing I know. And as I look deeper into bisexuality, meaning reading articles, I found out some pretty interesting things.

1. They are not confused with their sexuality. Yes, there is between gays and lesbians. It is not just a phase where eventually you're going to be one or the other.

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2. It does not mean that when a bisexual has a committed relationship with a guy (he is called gay) or with a girl (she is now called a lesbian), they are still called bisexuals.

3. Bisexuals do not have the need to have a relationship with both genders at the same time. They are not sluts, okay? They are totally not the kind who jumps into threesomes every chance they get. I mean sure, there may be for some who fantasize about it but that is beside the point. 

4. They also don't have to date both genders. Or alternately.

5.It can't be cured because a.) there's no cause and b.) it's not really a problem. I think it's in their genes. Something about the level of their testosterone and estrogen.

6. They don't have to love both genders equally.

There are a lot of myths about bisexuality that you have probably heard of already and this photo might sum it up. But before I'll end this post I would like to define bisexuals as people who are attracted to emotional and/or sexual relationship with different genders. The rule of thumb: know before you judge. Or actually, just don't judge other people at all and give them the respect we all deserve. 

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05 August 2013

Deliverance 2013


So what can DELIVERANCE 2013 offer you when you purchase their specially marked PETRON VALUE CARD TICKET?

1. P 100.00 worth of fuel from PETRON
2. One free drink
3. 24 hour Towing and Road Assistance NATIONWIDE
4. Free personal Accident Insurance
5. Discount on Gasul and all lubes from PETRON
AND the most important...

6. You can witness THE best party for this year's KADAYAWAN FESTIVAL. As there will be not one, not three, not four but FIVE Deejays ( 2 of the top DJs in the Philippines from Republiq Club: Dj Ace Ramos and Dj Martin Pulgar,  Boracay Champion Sexy Dj Katsy Lee, Dj Jason Dewey of Miami Tiesto Clublife and as a special guest - Dj Subtleone - straight from California USA ) who'll be coming together with our very own Davao Deejays to make sure that the party won't stop 'til you drop. Plus, there will be a CAR SHOW which looks like pretty damn fun to me. Car show is not just a guy thing ya know. 

Additional deets for the party is on the promo ad beneath. BE THERE AND DON'T BE LEFT BEHIND. For tickets, contact: (63) 9195171524 or (082) 2841446. Also available at MANING'S LIEF CAFE fronting STARR CLUB.

For additional Kadayawan Fest activities:

                                                                                                                                      Photo credit:


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