03 July 2013

Minion Nation

Bababa-ba-babana-Bababa-ba-babana-nananana-aaahhh.. Today, I'll be a kid again. Despicable Me 2 is now on theaters. :) If you still haven't watched the trailer, here's one of the many clips from YouTube and by far my favorite. 

And in case you were wondering about the banana song I was singing ( well, in my head) at the beginning of this post, I'll give you this video by way of explaining it. Prepare to have the banana song stuck in your head...FOREVER. You're welcome. ;)

Two days ago, I had to order three happy meals from Mcdo just to get these adorable minions. And oh I plan to collect the nine of them. I don't buy happy meals anymore but when I do the toys are for my nephew and not for me. But now, the minions are all for me. Haha! Meet Tim Giggling, Jerry Breakdancing and Tim Giggle Grabber. (L-R)

Also I really, really want this Minion iPhone case...but unfortunately I'm on team Blackberry. Just my luck! Gee! I don't know why I love the despicable minions so much. Do you love them too?

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