11 July 2013

Colorful Davao

I have been busy with the interviews and all that job hunting stuff and with the events I had to attend to and with my reading (I've been catching up with the House of Night series, I'm in book 7 already, which I would recommend y'all to read by the way, it's really very funny and magical. Kudos to the authors!). Well,  doing those things obviously kept me from blogging. But today since I have extra free hours in my hand I'd like to make one or two posts today. :)

I live in the second biggest island in the Philippines or as what we call it, The Land of Promise. No, I did not mean heaven, although some consider it like heaven, I am talking about Mindanao wherein Davao City is located. What urged me to blog something again about the city was the array of colorful taxis I noticed. Last week, I was in shock (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a lil bit) because I saw taxi. How cute is that? Though I don't often ride one, it's still refreshing to see different colors on the road. Davao City has white, yellow, pink, black (super cool), violet, lavender, orange, turquoise, it. Plus you can make your payment for the taxi fare with your card (yep, you read that right) in case you are out with cash. Lastly, almost all of the taxis have their little tv inside, I'm impressed, really. I think the colorful taxis can make to the list of attractions here in Davao City. If you think it's lame then you're lame. Haha!


But the thing I love the most about taxis here in Davao is really the drivers. They're honest (I'm not saying all of them but I can proudly say almost all of them) which means don't you worry much if you accidentally (or plainly just being stupid) left your valuables in their cab because they will really surrender them to the authorities or sometimes to media people to broadcast your lost things.  It is not even surprising that the taxi drivers here will give you your exact change unlike in Manila (ugh).  Also, the drivers are sometimes really jolly, if you're in luck. You'll feel really safe and convenient riding the taxis in Davao because they really are the best . :) 

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