29 June 2013

Heaven In a Jar

No people, this time it's not Nutella. My food stash in my room just had its newest member...the Trader's Joe Speculoos Cookie Butter. My new heaven in a jar. It was my sister who introduced this heaven to me. Believe me when I say this Cookie Butter would freakin' blow your mind. I couldn't agree more in its product line "All you have to do is taste it to understand." So true. I am now addicted to this Cookie Butter I'm certain sent from heaven. Ugh! I just can't get enough...which annoys me because my heaven is already running low. Buzzkill!

How do I experience this heaven confined in a jar? (because really, there are so many ways how to). Because it is that good, most times I eat it right out of the jar. Haha! It may be weird but also sometimes I like my heaven with a banana. Oh it sounded wrong. Lol 

So what are you waiting for? Go and get it and have a spoonful of heaven any time of the day. :)

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