30 June 2013

Twitter Is Just Right

Some of my friends on Facebook may be wondering why I have been awol on this popular platform which means less status or picture posts from me. Well, if you check my twitter account (@lykalopez) you'll notice how updated it is with whatever rants or happenings in my life compared to my Facebook profile. Whenever my friends hang out and talk random things or about the lives of our other friends, I am always lost. Why? Because I may still have my Facebook account but I spend less time on it and move to Twitter or Pinterest or to this blog. 

Now I'll give 4 top reasons why I prefer Twitter over Facebook.

1.  Twitter's  relationship approach is less exclusive.  Most twitter accounts are public. It means anyone can reach you (what you write and publish) whether be it your friend, enemy or a stranger or the other way around.  The people on twitter are not just your family and friends  but also significant people in certain industries that we look up to. 

2. Twitter forces us to be more concise with only 140 characters available which is sometimes, I admit, annoying but also makes Twitter simple and fast. I think Twitter is more accessible on smartphones too.  

3. The famous #hashtag on Twitter. I can easily search and converse with people about anything just by using this #symbol.  Though #hashtag is now available on Facebook, we all know that is a copycat.

4.  I can Retweet. There are a lot of cool people on Twitter. Cool people mean cool tweets. And what better to do with them? Re-tweet them. I am not selfish. Good stuff needs to be spread. 

Twitter is like my cool newspaper. The first thing I do when I wake up is check what I missed on Twitter. During the day, I am still on it. Even before I go to bed.  Sounds extreme? I think not.  A lot is happening on Twitter and it's fast. Apparently, there are also others who get why Twitter is way better than Facebook. 
"That’s because the people you can follow on Twitter, the contributions they make and the content that floats to the top is almost always much more interesting than your “friends’” attempts at creating the perfect construction of their lives." -Rocco Pendola  

Twitter is simple. Twitter just right, at least for me. As what they say "a daily dose of Twitter keeps insanity away". Lol But do you agree?  

29 June 2013

Heaven In a Jar

No people, this time it's not Nutella. My food stash in my room just had its newest member...the Trader's Joe Speculoos Cookie Butter. My new heaven in a jar. It was my sister who introduced this heaven to me. Believe me when I say this Cookie Butter would freakin' blow your mind. I couldn't agree more in its product line "All you have to do is taste it to understand." So true. I am now addicted to this Cookie Butter I'm certain sent from heaven. Ugh! I just can't get enough...which annoys me because my heaven is already running low. Buzzkill!

How do I experience this heaven confined in a jar? (because really, there are so many ways how to). Because it is that good, most times I eat it right out of the jar. Haha! It may be weird but also sometimes I like my heaven with a banana. Oh it sounded wrong. Lol 

So what are you waiting for? Go and get it and have a spoonful of heaven any time of the day. :)

25 June 2013

Happy Birthday Barbie

Last June 22, my dog Barbie turned 1 year old or as they say 7 years in dog world. I got Barbie when she was super tiny and only 2 months old. I have to say that before her I hate dogs. I don't like them, they're stinky and I feel that they're going to bite me anytime. But with her, I instantly love her and even more now. She sleeps with me. That's how much I love her. And she does not stink like for real! :) 

24 June 2013

Being Presentable

A while ago, I checked out my friend's (Yani) blog in which her last post was about her makeup routine, specifically the products she's using. So I thought why not do one too. I am having a lot of  extra time lately which is a good and a bad thing. Good because I can update my blog hence this and bad because I can think of many things to do which pretty much involve spending. But blogging is free so I'm choosing this. Lol

Anyway, I also wanna share the products I use for makeup and which comes first. Below are my favorite makeup products I regularly use. I always try for a no-makeup make-up/look during the day. 

Before starting and putting whatever makeup products I use I make sure I clean my face first with a toner (even when I'm fresh from the shower) and apply some moisturizer which is the most important part of my routine. This also can make makeups last longer.

1st  -  I use EB Pro Flawless Finish Foundation in Beige because it matches my skin. It does not make my face look too pale. 

2nd - Even though my liquid foundation is enough for a base, I still apply Revlon ColorStay Foundation so that my face would not look greasy. 

3rd  - I don't use this as my foundation as Max Factor Ageless Elixer 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum should be. I only use this as a bronzer because I don't like when a bronzer shimmers which most bronzer are. This is why I got it in a shade of Bronze  ;)

4th  -  This Maybelline Pure Blush Mineral in Pink gives my cheeks a color that is not fake.

5th  -Since I dyed my hair from black to light brown, I now use Nichido Eyebrow Pencil in Chesnut Brown

6th  - To smooth and give my eyebrows a natural look, I use Face Shop Brow Powder Duo

7th  - I use Revlon ColorStay Brow Enhancer in Blonde/Gold for obvious reason. 

8th  - Aziza eye shadow in Velvety palette for daylight or Urban Colour eye shadow and eye high light for nighttime

9th   - I use Nichido Mineral Kohl Pencil in Onyx because it does not smudge much. 

10th - I am not very particular with mascaras as long as they're waterproof but now I use the CoverGirl VolumeExact Mascara in Black Negro.

11th - Unlike most people, I apply Revlon Photoready Concealer in Fair Clair last.

12th - For the lips I either use Mac lipstick in Satin Pink Nouveau or if I am feeling bold I use Rimmel London Moisture Renew in Red Alert --- but in most days just Avon magic lipstick in Snow Pink mixed with EB matte lipstick in Off Beat Pink

Though my makeup routine looks like it takes time, it is not. I can apply these twelve steps in 5 to 10 minutes.  

For me, choosing makeup products is not as easy as a breeze for every skin tone needs its right shade of makeups. Plus not everyone knows how to properly use them. It takes practice. At an early age, I was already very kikay and loving the idea of using makeup so every morning I watched my mother putting her makeup on until I learn how to apply them to myself. I attended a workshop once about how to properly apply makeup products and it was very fun though I did not learn a lot. Haha! Now I watched makeup tutorials on YouTube. I think I can say that I can makeup well, not like a professional-well kind but just  girl-who-puts-makeup-regularly-well kind :)

Some people say that girls who wear makeup are maarte or insecure. I say we are not. Being simple (the opposite of maarte) does not mean having a bare face and look like a zombie. I mean obviously there are women who look exceptionally beautiful even without makeup but let's face it most people don't. I am not saying they're ugly, it's just that they are not presentable. Makeup allows us to enhance our best features and hide our flaws. Use them.   Maybe not regularly but at least on important occasions. My point is wearing makeup does not make us maarte but conscious enough to look presentable because being presentable does not only apply in the way we dress but with our faces too.

Anyways, above are products I see fit for my skin tone. I have a fair skin anyway.  Tell me if those fit you too or if you have any suggestions for me ;) 

23 June 2013

Dolls' Day Out

Last week I went to Manila and stayed there for a night waiting for my HK flight the next morning. To make my one day interesting I met with my two lovely dolls Yani and Jammy at Hollys Coffee in Taft and did some catching up. I was having a terrible headache but it did not stop me from having fun. Until the next time dolls. x

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