21 April 2013

Why is it sexy?

Women fall easily for powerful men. After watching the TV series Scandal, I find it very sexy whenever Olivia Pope played by Kerry Washington hooks up with the President. There’s something with men in position that is so alluring. Some women like it when they are being handled and not the other way around. 

According to the survey of Dr. Nick Neave, an evolutionary psychologist from Northumbria University, it's  in the genes of women why often they are looking for partners who have higher social standing and have respect of their peers. This can be observed during speed-dating where men usually judge women by their looks and youth as opposed to women who typically judge men by what they do for a living so they usually start the date with a question  like "What job do you do?". This will give women a hint if a man is industrious or hard worker. Women wanna  know the social position and earning capacity of their date. The survey would tell us that even the ugliest politician on earth has more women lining up to go to bed with him compared to men with looks. As American statesman Henry Kissinger put it: "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac". Read more about the study here and tell me what you think?

I also know a lot of people dating older men and they said that there’s really something different; a sense of fun and excitement yet at the same time there's a sense of emotional maturity. It’s good when for a change they don’t have to be the responsible one, making all the shots. They just follow. It’s less hassle they said. Like they're in charge of all the fun stuff then for the serious matters their partners deal with it. A perfect match. And even I can attest to it. Anyway, before I forget I should recommend to y’all to watch Scandal. Epic show, the same creator of the other TV series titled Grey’s Anatomy which is also doing great by the way. 

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