05 April 2013

Update Available

In Blackberry Appworld every time there's a new version available for my installed apps the words Update Available pop. Now for almost three months without any entries there will be an update to my blog for the following days until I get busy again. :)  My site had been MIA because my lappy got trojan virus and messed up my Gmail account and other sites too. Well anyway, I am just glad I got my lappy back already and be able to update my blog diary. Yay!

So what's new with me? If you read my last post, I've set already my two big goals for this year. One of them was to graduate on time. Yep, you read it right..."was", I got my first goal already and I'm thrilled to achieve the second one which is to get a job. I'm holding it off for a while though, just trying what's it like to have a bum life then maybe in June I can start looking for one. 

Another news is that I have an Instagram account already. Just created it two days ago and still figuring it out. Follow me on IG it's @lopezyoung. I'll also be updating this blog with an IG button for quick access for you guys. In case you're wondering why I'm so late with this IG thing, I was not really planning on joining this social networking site because I believe it has the same function with twitpic. As long as I can tweet it fast I'm done. But it came to a point that it was so difficult for me to browse photos posted by my friends in twitter via IG because I'm using BB. Hence, my IG account. Since my mobile data plan is in my BB and obviously it cannot have IG I am now trying IG on my tablet. I don't have Wi-fi so I cannot use IG often. Bummer! I think at some point I will be back using twitpic still. Haha! 

The latest with me would be my eye problem. I'm overdue for check-up. There's something in my left eye that is so annoying. And it is starting to swell. This is bad. I hate going to the doctor. I wish I could just wake up tomorrow all well; I don't like cancelling plans. 

A lot happened. And I'm so excited to put it all down here. I will try my best to blog everyday. Pinky swear! Haha! It's just good to be back blogging again. And oh here's my first post to my IG account. This was taken the other day. I was with pretty Yani. Y'all can catch her on the SM Fashion Edge 13 runway this April 13 by the way.  

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