17 April 2013

Road Trip

Last Holy Week, my family and I went out of town to see the Matin-ao Inland Resort in New Corella Davao del Norte which was just about 25 min. ride away from Tagum City. It was awesome by the way, the resort had six pools. The place was clean and the food was good too. All pools were freakin' cold, love it! This trip was not planned at all, we were just talking the night before the trip and decided to join my brother and his family in their trip. Hence, the road trip. The thing I love about road trips is singing my heart out (some Parokya ni Edgar songs). Actually I only not sing in road trips but like all the time. And this is from someone who really cannot sing like no way in hell I can. Haha! Anyway, it was fun and relaxing just to be with family and all. We never really had a chance to do this often. 

Here are some photos taken that weekend.


The peak of that trip was playing with jillian in a pool for the first time ever. I’m really obsessed with that little gal. She genuinely makes me happy and melts my heart when she giggles. She’s so innocent, I like that. Okay now I know why guys love virgin girls. There’s just something alluring about the innocence of a child. LOL

The pit was the bad signal from Globe. Like I didn't get any at all and it was so annoying. Even the pocket wi-fi from Smart was just the same, useless. So people, don’t be fooled by that Ely Buendia advertisement for Smart.

And that’s how my Holy Week went. How’s yours? Before I end this post I just wanna show you a very interesting signage from the resort. A very funny one I tell you.

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