13 April 2013

Grad Pary Rockin’

My mom is really big on parties, I mean she’s an event planner so obviously since I survived college (yay!), she’ll throw a celebration for me and that she did. UnsurprisinglyI love parties too, what can I do it’s genetic. Haha! 

Since I wanted a small and intimate party, Casa Leticia was perfect given that it’s not so big and located within the city proper. Plus the food was scrumptious, there’s already a bar in the room, I love its couch, the view, and the music equipment is just perfect. Okay enough about the place or I better get paid for endorsing it. Lol Here are some photos from my grad party rockin’.

At the end of the party, I was asked to give a speech even though I explicitly said NO to my mother and so my speech was just bad like really bad. I’m not really comfortable talking to a crowd. I can remember my friends teasing me with my speech when I mistakenly said “the end of my life” when I really wanna say the end of my student life. Needless to say, I became the joke of the night. Ha-ha! Now, to make it right here's my better speech. Just like how I wanna say it. 
            “I did it! College, check. And at this time, I want to say thank you to everyone who helped me get here. First, a big thank you to my mother who have done pretty well in supporting and guiding me in everything; making ends meet, not giving up on me when sometimes I’m being stubborn (well, maybe not sometimes), and most of all for loving me. I guess that sums it up, right? loving me. I thank you for that. ---Beware, this part of my speech may not be true but I have to. Haha Besides to my mother, my father has done amazingly well in keeping me good. Boy, I know that wasn't easy so I thank you. --- Next, to my loving ate and kuya-s thank you for giving in to my little wants, spoiling me a little bit. I really needed that support system and I’m very thankful. Also, I want to say thank you to my relatives and friends for just being there. I really believe that presence goes a long way and can’t pay you enough for that, just priceless. Lastly, I'd like to pat myself on the shoulder for being awesome, getting through college without even trying. Haha! Seriously, who am I kidding? Even me would not fall for that. Kidding aside, I’m pretty proud of myself for giving my mother a diploma and not making her a grandma. ;)  But I know I would be prouder if I can get a job after this. But until then let’s enjoy the party! Cheers!”.

And that’s how I would want my speech be like. My original speech may be not good but I have to say that it was from the bottom of my heart so... Haha! :) 

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