15 April 2013

Good or Bad

I am the youngest in my family and there are advantages and disadvantages of being one. It’s a bitter-sweet experience. There are times that because of my position in the family things get suck but not everything. Because I am the youngest I receive couple of advantages.

  1. you can get away with murder
  2. you can easily get what you want
  3. you’ll be like 99% close to your parents (to my mother in my case) --- Okay, how is it an advantage? Well, you can use them to protect you with situation letter A and you need them obviously for letter B.
  4. you can manipulate your older siblings with your cuteness (there’s an expiration to this though)
  5. you are pampered so you are exempted from household chores ---no responsibility. (again, there is an expiration to this)
  6. your parents won't surely be on i'm-still-experimenting-with-my-parenting-style mode. This mode sucked. I've seen my parents in this mode. I feel sorry for my  brother.
  7. When all of your siblings move out from home, you’ll be enjoying most of your parents’ checking account. :) 
Now being the youngest can sometimes be inconvenient. I missed out on some of my older siblings' privileges. Here are some disadvantages for being one: 

  1. Your parents don’t trust you, they always see you as their baby like you're made out of glass.
  2. There's a high chance that your siblings will be bossy and make you like their slave, punishing you for having no household chores.
  3. Your choice on food, on flavor or on anything won't matter.
  4. Your power only holds when your parents are around.
  5. Protective brothers sometimes suck.
  6. If you have a sister, you’ll probably have her old crappy clothes.
  7. You have to live up to your siblings’ achievements.
  8. You always want to get old. It’s the only way to keep up with the fun things your siblings do but you can't because duh! you're still a baby.

Anyway, if ever choosing a position is an option I think I'd still be choosing the one being the youngest because I get to be the fun one and I like the idea that everyone in the family treats me like a baby. :)
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