20 April 2013

Giving Back

I didn't have a choice. For the sake of my grade I had to. For the first time ever I did a mangrove planting activity and it was at Tambo, Igacos last 16th of December. I tell you it was really a nightmare going to the area. Since it had no dock we had to walk far barefooted just to get into the actual location. Walking into who knows what it was pretty gross and scary because you could literally step gazillions of sea urchins. I hated it. Anyway, it was my first and I don't think I could and would do it ever again. I think the only upside to the activity was I got to spend the whole day with my classmates at least not in the four walls of a classroom and I helped in taking care of mother earth. :) I hate to admit but I am not really doing anything about reducing my carbon footprint so at least in this little way I can give back. 

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