06 April 2013


Last 23rd of March this year, I received my diploma in AB International Studies Major in American Studies. A proof that I survived college. Oh yeah oh yeah! Months before the graduation had been really tough on me I admit. But when I saw my name on this list... #6

it became all worth it.  A sweet ending to my sleepless nights, hours due papers, oh-no quizzes, I’ll-just-study-next-time exams, homework done in class, i-still-don’t-know-the-objective thesis, stupid Spanish lessons (yeah we really had one ask Creamy ), and an-hour-of-doodling-my-name-at-the-back-of-my-notes classes. I’ll surely miss them. Not. No I’m now all for making new routines, memories and acquaintances. Hello adulthood!

It still feels nice to see these photos.

While waiting for the program to start. 

Graduation ceremonies are boring but it does not mean we are too.
(L-R Pia, Jeanny, Yours truly, Suu and Kym)

My ABIS-AMST class.
I bet she's proud of me. She should. It was not easy to pretend studying for four years. LOL
With Carra
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