21 April 2013

Why is it sexy?

Women fall easily for powerful men. After watching the TV series Scandal, I find it very sexy whenever Olivia Pope played by Kerry Washington hooks up with the President. There’s something with men in position that is so alluring. Some women like it when they are being handled and not the other way around. 

According to the survey of Dr. Nick Neave, an evolutionary psychologist from Northumbria University, it's  in the genes of women why often they are looking for partners who have higher social standing and have respect of their peers. This can be observed during speed-dating where men usually judge women by their looks and youth as opposed to women who typically judge men by what they do for a living so they usually start the date with a question  like "What job do you do?". This will give women a hint if a man is industrious or hard worker. Women wanna  know the social position and earning capacity of their date. The survey would tell us that even the ugliest politician on earth has more women lining up to go to bed with him compared to men with looks. As American statesman Henry Kissinger put it: "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac". Read more about the study here and tell me what you think?

I also know a lot of people dating older men and they said that there’s really something different; a sense of fun and excitement yet at the same time there's a sense of emotional maturity. It’s good when for a change they don’t have to be the responsible one, making all the shots. They just follow. It’s less hassle they said. Like they're in charge of all the fun stuff then for the serious matters their partners deal with it. A perfect match. And even I can attest to it. Anyway, before I forget I should recommend to y’all to watch Scandal. Epic show, the same creator of the other TV series titled Grey’s Anatomy which is also doing great by the way. 

20 April 2013

Giving Back

I didn't have a choice. For the sake of my grade I had to. For the first time ever I did a mangrove planting activity and it was at Tambo, Igacos last 16th of December. I tell you it was really a nightmare going to the area. Since it had no dock we had to walk far barefooted just to get into the actual location. Walking into who knows what it was pretty gross and scary because you could literally step gazillions of sea urchins. I hated it. Anyway, it was my first and I don't think I could and would do it ever again. I think the only upside to the activity was I got to spend the whole day with my classmates at least not in the four walls of a classroom and I helped in taking care of mother earth. :) I hate to admit but I am not really doing anything about reducing my carbon footprint so at least in this little way I can give back. 

19 April 2013


Our group likes beaches and road trips. One sem-break we decided to do something that would give us both. Hence our spree in White Haven Beach Resort at Sarangani. Since one of my mate offered us to stay in her humble abode in Polomulok we took the invitation right away. Haha! It was all good 'cause there was free food and lodging. Need I want more? It was such a nice memory. It had the best of Bs; booze, beach, buddies and bikinis. I wish for more sun-kissing trips. ;) Oh well, I better start planning. 

The peak of the trip was definitely the unlimited supply of dried mangoes. For those who haven't tried it yet I'm sorry but you are missing the good stuff. Love dried mangoes! :) The pit was the little vehicle accident we had on our way home to Davao. It was not our fault for the record. Anyway, these are some photos taken that weekend.

18 April 2013

Diplomatic Night

Couple months ago, the Ateneo International Studies Students’ Organization held a Diplomatic Dinner for us, seniors, who were taking a Diplomatic Protocol class as a culmination of what we've learned. We had ambassadors and consul generals from different countries as guests.

We were told to glam up appropriately and most importantly to observe proper etiquette as we were to behave like real Diplomats. And like every party I go to, planning what to wear starts from the moment I receive the invitation. For this one, I decided to go on a 70's look. Here are some photos taken that night.




My AMST 4 class

After hours of making ourselves act like Diplomats, though so tired our class still went straight to the club. Uber fun! I’ll surely miss times like this. J

17 April 2013

Road Trip

Last Holy Week, my family and I went out of town to see the Matin-ao Inland Resort in New Corella Davao del Norte which was just about 25 min. ride away from Tagum City. It was awesome by the way, the resort had six pools. The place was clean and the food was good too. All pools were freakin' cold, love it! This trip was not planned at all, we were just talking the night before the trip and decided to join my brother and his family in their trip. Hence, the road trip. The thing I love about road trips is singing my heart out (some Parokya ni Edgar songs). Actually I only not sing in road trips but like all the time. And this is from someone who really cannot sing like no way in hell I can. Haha! Anyway, it was fun and relaxing just to be with family and all. We never really had a chance to do this often. 

Here are some photos taken that weekend.


The peak of that trip was playing with jillian in a pool for the first time ever. I’m really obsessed with that little gal. She genuinely makes me happy and melts my heart when she giggles. She’s so innocent, I like that. Okay now I know why guys love virgin girls. There’s just something alluring about the innocence of a child. LOL

The pit was the bad signal from Globe. Like I didn't get any at all and it was so annoying. Even the pocket wi-fi from Smart was just the same, useless. So people, don’t be fooled by that Ely Buendia advertisement for Smart.

And that’s how my Holy Week went. How’s yours? Before I end this post I just wanna show you a very interesting signage from the resort. A very funny one I tell you.

16 April 2013

Fashion Cutie

I like kids. But I love kids in fashion. I was browsing IG last night and I found the coolest and cutest fashionistas on the face of the earth. The IG account and the website belong to Mr.Wilson Dorigon. Whoever is styling these kids is a genius. Putting all the right cutie clothes together in small bods. To die! Here are some of my faves.
    Visit their site, it's and check out other cuties in style. 

15 April 2013

Good or Bad

I am the youngest in my family and there are advantages and disadvantages of being one. It’s a bitter-sweet experience. There are times that because of my position in the family things get suck but not everything. Because I am the youngest I receive couple of advantages.

  1. you can get away with murder
  2. you can easily get what you want
  3. you’ll be like 99% close to your parents (to my mother in my case) --- Okay, how is it an advantage? Well, you can use them to protect you with situation letter A and you need them obviously for letter B.
  4. you can manipulate your older siblings with your cuteness (there’s an expiration to this though)
  5. you are pampered so you are exempted from household chores ---no responsibility. (again, there is an expiration to this)
  6. your parents won't surely be on i'm-still-experimenting-with-my-parenting-style mode. This mode sucked. I've seen my parents in this mode. I feel sorry for my  brother.
  7. When all of your siblings move out from home, you’ll be enjoying most of your parents’ checking account. :) 
Now being the youngest can sometimes be inconvenient. I missed out on some of my older siblings' privileges. Here are some disadvantages for being one: 

  1. Your parents don’t trust you, they always see you as their baby like you're made out of glass.
  2. There's a high chance that your siblings will be bossy and make you like their slave, punishing you for having no household chores.
  3. Your choice on food, on flavor or on anything won't matter.
  4. Your power only holds when your parents are around.
  5. Protective brothers sometimes suck.
  6. If you have a sister, you’ll probably have her old crappy clothes.
  7. You have to live up to your siblings’ achievements.
  8. You always want to get old. It’s the only way to keep up with the fun things your siblings do but you can't because duh! you're still a baby.

Anyway, if ever choosing a position is an option I think I'd still be choosing the one being the youngest because I get to be the fun one and I like the idea that everyone in the family treats me like a baby. :)

14 April 2013

Labor Day

My Immigration family, the people I got to work with during my on-the-job training at Bureau of Immigration invited us to their Island Hopping around Samal. I love the idea that we got really close to them. New friends, new connections and new family. My Immigration family is like the coolest. It sucked that we only had two months to work there. Though no free time were wasted. Every now and then they invited to lunches and dinners and even breakfasts and karaoke nights. It was fun! They were fun! This was Labor day last year. 


13 April 2013

Grad Pary Rockin’

My mom is really big on parties, I mean she’s an event planner so obviously since I survived college (yay!), she’ll throw a celebration for me and that she did. UnsurprisinglyI love parties too, what can I do it’s genetic. Haha! 

Since I wanted a small and intimate party, Casa Leticia was perfect given that it’s not so big and located within the city proper. Plus the food was scrumptious, there’s already a bar in the room, I love its couch, the view, and the music equipment is just perfect. Okay enough about the place or I better get paid for endorsing it. Lol Here are some photos from my grad party rockin’.

At the end of the party, I was asked to give a speech even though I explicitly said NO to my mother and so my speech was just bad like really bad. I’m not really comfortable talking to a crowd. I can remember my friends teasing me with my speech when I mistakenly said “the end of my life” when I really wanna say the end of my student life. Needless to say, I became the joke of the night. Ha-ha! Now, to make it right here's my better speech. Just like how I wanna say it. 
            “I did it! College, check. And at this time, I want to say thank you to everyone who helped me get here. First, a big thank you to my mother who have done pretty well in supporting and guiding me in everything; making ends meet, not giving up on me when sometimes I’m being stubborn (well, maybe not sometimes), and most of all for loving me. I guess that sums it up, right? loving me. I thank you for that. ---Beware, this part of my speech may not be true but I have to. Haha Besides to my mother, my father has done amazingly well in keeping me good. Boy, I know that wasn't easy so I thank you. --- Next, to my loving ate and kuya-s thank you for giving in to my little wants, spoiling me a little bit. I really needed that support system and I’m very thankful. Also, I want to say thank you to my relatives and friends for just being there. I really believe that presence goes a long way and can’t pay you enough for that, just priceless. Lastly, I'd like to pat myself on the shoulder for being awesome, getting through college without even trying. Haha! Seriously, who am I kidding? Even me would not fall for that. Kidding aside, I’m pretty proud of myself for giving my mother a diploma and not making her a grandma. ;)  But I know I would be prouder if I can get a job after this. But until then let’s enjoy the party! Cheers!”.

And that’s how I would want my speech be like. My original speech may be not good but I have to say that it was from the bottom of my heart so... Haha! :) 

08 April 2013

Lost and Never Found

Scatterbrain is what I am. I tend to lose things. I’m careless and out of excuses. This is in memory of the many things I'd love to get back. I've totally lost count but there are things I really could not just forget. Some got me in trouble big time.

  1. My mom’s wedding ring
  2. Ipod touch
  3. Samsung cell phone (SGH-E250)
  4. HP laptop
  5. a gold ring with ruby stones
  6. Nokia cell phone (forgot the model)
  7. a pair of emerald earrings
  8. 8 GB usb flash drive --- my files :(
  9. a  gold necklace
  10. Bvlgari perfume (omnia amethyste) ---when it's my money, sayang gyud
  11. Mini-speaker
  12. 2 GB usb flash drive --- because once is not enough.
  13. a white gold bracelet
  14. Samsung cell phone (monte) --- third time is a charm.
  15. Ipod shuffle
  16. a crystal bracelet
This list is closed I hope. I’m calling it my “Matt Bomer” list by the way ‘cause like him I really wish that they never went astray but they did. Haha! But gay or not he's hot ;) Nevertheless I’m facing two options now, I should either be just naked and not own anything or be not stupid and be careful with my things. Honestly, I’d rather choose the former but then I don’t like jail. Plus I don’t think the Victoria Secret is ready to introduce their latest angel yet. LOL So sticking with the latter would be a better idea.  

Wow, this post really is a wake-up call for me. I just want to say to the precious ones in my matt bomer list that they may rest in peace…and your new owners suck!! Haha! As of April 8, 2013, 11:30 PM, I hereby declare that I shall never give more reasons for my matt bomer list to be open again. 

06 April 2013


Last 23rd of March this year, I received my diploma in AB International Studies Major in American Studies. A proof that I survived college. Oh yeah oh yeah! Months before the graduation had been really tough on me I admit. But when I saw my name on this list... #6

it became all worth it.  A sweet ending to my sleepless nights, hours due papers, oh-no quizzes, I’ll-just-study-next-time exams, homework done in class, i-still-don’t-know-the-objective thesis, stupid Spanish lessons (yeah we really had one ask Creamy ), and an-hour-of-doodling-my-name-at-the-back-of-my-notes classes. I’ll surely miss them. Not. No I’m now all for making new routines, memories and acquaintances. Hello adulthood!

It still feels nice to see these photos.

While waiting for the program to start. 

Graduation ceremonies are boring but it does not mean we are too.
(L-R Pia, Jeanny, Yours truly, Suu and Kym)

My ABIS-AMST class.
I bet she's proud of me. She should. It was not easy to pretend studying for four years. LOL
With Carra
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