02 January 2013

Shaking Things Up

A new year came with a big bang. It's been years since I've experience fireworks during New Year and even Christmas. Fireworks are ban during holidays in Davao City where I live in and, in all fairness, been keeping Davao having zero fireworks related injuries and casualties. So with that I'm used to using just torotot (paper trumpets) to make noises but not this year. Since I celebrated New Year's Eve with friends in Manila, I don't need the torotot anymore but fireworks!! Yay! :)

Anyways, I'd like to set big two goals for 2013. First would be getting my diploma in time that is March 2013. And last, I hope I can get a job, preferably at SM events. A lot is going to happen this year for me for sure, my transition from being a school girl for about 15 years to a professional, I hope if things will work out the way I plan it. 

I also wish to travel more, not really my goal but I'd like to if I'll have time. In order to realize my goals, I need to shake things up. I need to prioritize things and limit my parties perhaps. Also, I really have to be patient at all times. Being impatient messes up my game. 

There, my two goals for this year and I'd be happiest if my goals would at least, might be in another version, happen.

Now I feel somewhat sad that I'm not getting any younger with the new year coming. haha! But I'm looking forward to a wonderful 2013.  

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