06 November 2013

Little Girl Inside

Since I started watching ABC's Once Upon a Time, I've been hooked. Let's give a second to thank Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis for creating Once Upon a Time. They deserved it. Anyway, the show is a compilation of all fairy tales but with a twist that connects all different characters into one big story. It recreated a real peasant pregnant Cinderella, a woman Jack (from the story of Jack and the Beanstalk), the Genie from Aladdin who also became the person inside the Magic Mirror from Snow White, a lesbian Mulan who's in love with Sleeping Beauty Aurora and other more characters. Once Upon a Time reverted me to a seven year old little girl. And now after two great seasons, the show keeps adding more interesting characters which made me love the show even more. Especially that the show added my favorites: Tinkerbell and Ariel. With Tinkerbell though, portrayed by Rose McIver, I expected more with her story but boy! did the show satisfied me with my favorite Disney princess Ariel (Joanna Garcia as a redhead? sure looks like Amy Adams). 


The show is on its 7th episode and there are still big new characters yet to to be debuted: Rapunzel, Cruella de Vil, the real Ursula; and to be developed (well, hoping): Prince Erik, Ariel and Robin Hood. I am so excited that the little girl inside me is doing her happy dance. Are you as excited as me? Which character did you like the most? Or are you waiting for a character to come alive? Share your thoughts.

05 November 2013

Why Attract Women

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Women still got it. Whatever women say, men have to.. in business power play that is. According to Women's Marketing Inc. (WMI), women controlled the whopping 85% of all purchases.  WMI's study also confirmed that women made 65% of all car purchases, 66% of computer cases, 80% of Healthcare decisions and 93% of food purchases. We can see clearly that even if your product targets male population, its should be marketed appealingly to women too.

The next question is, how to attract women? We all know the power of the internet and even more now that it can be on our mobile phones. WMI researchers revealed that 46% of women will turn to their smartphone when they first wake up in the morning. In addition, 63% of women won't go an hour without checking their phones, says Harris Interactive. Thus, this handheld device, to which most women are so hopelessly addicted can become a very powerful tool to your business. So if you think your business website isn't mobile friendly? Give your website designer a call and start making your business appealing more to women..because we, women, still got you. 

28 October 2013

keeping tabs

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I definitely miss everything. I miss the long hours of reading books (Sarah Dessen's Just Listen which I can't seem to finish), I miss blogging, I miss watching my favorite tv shows (How I Met Your Mother just started its final season) and I miss grabbing drinks whenever i wanted to...I miss all those simple things. I know pretty much that at some point I really need to work, it's just that I didn't expect it to be this difficult. I think the worst part of it is, I don't own my time anymore. So I am adjusting and clearly not smoothly.

I miss my brother Lyndon too. He is now working abroad, specifically in Dammam. We always facebook or skype each other but it's really different when he's here. I miss our talk, from the random shallow things happening in our lives to the deepest thoughts we could only share to each other. I also miss our drinking sessions, partying or even just listening to music and hang out. He's like my partner in crimes. And now that he's gone to the other side of the world, literally, I miss him and everything we did. 

I miss doing events. It annoys me that I can't handle events anymore. It's the one thing I'm happy doing. Yes, it's stressful but it's the stress that gives me joy at the end especially when the clients are satisfied. I miss that kind of joy. 

I miss my old life where my problems just revolve around with this one question: "will I go to school or not?" I hate that the only free time I get is when I sleep. I hate that I can't read books, blog or watch a freakin' movie if I wanted to. I hate that my brother is not here. I hate that I'm not in events anymore. I think it is safe to say that this point of my life is not going to my favorites. Growing up sucks, hard. 

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09 August 2013

Say What?

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When I was told about the news I could not believe it. Just few days ago one of my favorite authors, Kiera Cass, came to Philippines for the book signing events (August 3 at Glorietta 1 and August 4 at Ayala Center Cebu) and I undoubtedly regretting that I just missed it. Say what?! If I knew Cass would be in Manila, I should have booked my flight earlier (ugh). Moving on, I enjoyed reading every chapter from her The Selection trilogy. So what it is all about? Publishers Weekly described the trilogy as "a cross between The Hunger Games and The Bachelor". It brought us to the world of America Singer who is chosen to compete with the other 35 girls to be the wife of Prince Maxon and be the next queen. America at first did not want it for she had to leave Aspen, her secret lover who belongs to a caste below her, and live in a palace which is often under attack by rebels. But after meeting Prince Maxon, her views changed.

In the second installment, The Elite, only six girls remained to fight for the crown and will marry Prince Maxon. Now that there's only few of them left, the other girls are more determined to win Maxon over. America now has to decide - a future with Maxon or a future with Aspen.  

The last installment (The One) will be release next year. It has two companions: The Prince (from Maxon's POV) which was published last March 5 just this year and The Guard (from Aspen's POV) which will be released February next year. The first two books of the trilogy didn't give much good cliffhangers but they were well enough without them and still sent me over the edge of my seat (well in my case, the edge of my bed. haha!)

I read a bunch of books to get over this trilogy and now with the news that Cass just visited the Philippines my excitement for the last book just went through the roof again (sigh). I think I need to finished another set of great books to ease my mind over this. Lol I just wish Cass would change her mind and release The One earlier. That would be one hell of a treat for me or for us. 

06 August 2013

Which is which?

So I've been fascinated about bisexuality since I started reading Sylvia Day's Crossfire series. One of the characters named Cary Taylor is described as the bisexual best friend of the girl protagonist. I have never been interested about bisexuality before because I don't have a friend who's a bi  and it's not really a new thing I know. And as I look deeper into bisexuality, meaning reading articles, I found out some pretty interesting things.

1. They are not confused with their sexuality. Yes, there is between gays and lesbians. It is not just a phase where eventually you're going to be one or the other.

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2. It does not mean that when a bisexual has a committed relationship with a guy (he is called gay) or with a girl (she is now called a lesbian), they are still called bisexuals.

3. Bisexuals do not have the need to have a relationship with both genders at the same time. They are not sluts, okay? They are totally not the kind who jumps into threesomes every chance they get. I mean sure, there may be for some who fantasize about it but that is beside the point. 

4. They also don't have to date both genders. Or alternately.

5.It can't be cured because a.) there's no cause and b.) it's not really a problem. I think it's in their genes. Something about the level of their testosterone and estrogen.

6. They don't have to love both genders equally.

There are a lot of myths about bisexuality that you have probably heard of already and this photo might sum it up. But before I'll end this post I would like to define bisexuals as people who are attracted to emotional and/or sexual relationship with different genders. The rule of thumb: know before you judge. Or actually, just don't judge other people at all and give them the respect we all deserve. 

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05 August 2013

Deliverance 2013


So what can DELIVERANCE 2013 offer you when you purchase their specially marked PETRON VALUE CARD TICKET?

1. P 100.00 worth of fuel from PETRON
2. One free drink
3. 24 hour Towing and Road Assistance NATIONWIDE
4. Free personal Accident Insurance
5. Discount on Gasul and all lubes from PETRON
AND the most important...

6. You can witness THE best party for this year's KADAYAWAN FESTIVAL. As there will be not one, not three, not four but FIVE Deejays ( 2 of the top DJs in the Philippines from Republiq Club: Dj Ace Ramos and Dj Martin Pulgar,  Boracay Champion Sexy Dj Katsy Lee, Dj Jason Dewey of Miami Tiesto Clublife and as a special guest - Dj Subtleone - straight from California USA ) who'll be coming together with our very own Davao Deejays to make sure that the party won't stop 'til you drop. Plus, there will be a CAR SHOW which looks like pretty damn fun to me. Car show is not just a guy thing ya know. 

Additional deets for the party is on the promo ad beneath. BE THERE AND DON'T BE LEFT BEHIND. For tickets, contact: (63) 9195171524 or (082) 2841446. Also available at MANING'S LIEF CAFE fronting STARR CLUB.

For additional Kadayawan Fest activities:

                                                                                                                                      Photo credit:


12 July 2013

Another You

Just two weeks ago I started watching this tv series titled Orphan Black produced by BBC America. And it was super awesome. The show follows Sarah Manning, portrayed by Tatiana Maslany who is very talented actress I assure you, who stole the identity of Elizabeth Childs after the latter committed suicide which also revealed to be her clone. Watch the trailer here:
I really want to highlight again how amazing Tatiana Maslany is in this show. I tell you she's really doing a great job acting five or so different characters. If you've watched the show already then you know that  though the different characters were done with just one actress, you really can tell which character is which .


Moving on, the show made me interested about human cloning and its issues. According to the U.S. Human Genome Project, there are different kinds of cloning and one  particular which is raising a lot of issues is the Therapeutic Cloning (TC). Basically, the process of TC is removing the stem cells from the embryos which in the process kills the embryos. See where the issues come from? It is said that the goal of the TC is to generate virtually any type of specialized cell in the human body that can be used to treat diseases like  Alzheimer's or Parkinson's and not create cloned human beings for our own selfish reasons. Based from the different articles I read, for me, the most useful outcome of the TC is the possibility of cloning organs. For those people who are suffering from terrible diseases and need urgent organ donors, TC could be one hell of a solution for them. The "normal" process of organ transplant is difficult because it's not easy to find donors plus there's no guarantee that your body will not reject the new organ. So what if we could eventually grow new organs (cloned) that your body would surely recognize because of course the organs will come from your own stem cells. The sick won't need a long time to wait for the organ needed and the risk of the body rejecting the organ won't be a problem. For example, coaxing a human stem cell to become a kidney. How cool and revelation would that be? I mean this TC is obviously not perfected because of the issues it brings but we could be just one step away to solving one or two diseases from the countless incurable ones.

11 July 2013

Colorful Davao

I have been busy with the interviews and all that job hunting stuff and with the events I had to attend to and with my reading (I've been catching up with the House of Night series, I'm in book 7 already, which I would recommend y'all to read by the way, it's really very funny and magical. Kudos to the authors!). Well,  doing those things obviously kept me from blogging. But today since I have extra free hours in my hand I'd like to make one or two posts today. :)

I live in the second biggest island in the Philippines or as what we call it, The Land of Promise. No, I did not mean heaven, although some consider it like heaven, I am talking about Mindanao wherein Davao City is located. What urged me to blog something again about the city was the array of colorful taxis I noticed. Last week, I was in shock (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a lil bit) because I saw taxi. How cute is that? Though I don't often ride one, it's still refreshing to see different colors on the road. Davao City has white, yellow, pink, black (super cool), violet, lavender, orange, turquoise, it. Plus you can make your payment for the taxi fare with your card (yep, you read that right) in case you are out with cash. Lastly, almost all of the taxis have their little tv inside, I'm impressed, really. I think the colorful taxis can make to the list of attractions here in Davao City. If you think it's lame then you're lame. Haha!


But the thing I love the most about taxis here in Davao is really the drivers. They're honest (I'm not saying all of them but I can proudly say almost all of them) which means don't you worry much if you accidentally (or plainly just being stupid) left your valuables in their cab because they will really surrender them to the authorities or sometimes to media people to broadcast your lost things.  It is not even surprising that the taxi drivers here will give you your exact change unlike in Manila (ugh).  Also, the drivers are sometimes really jolly, if you're in luck. You'll feel really safe and convenient riding the taxis in Davao because they really are the best . :) 

03 July 2013

Minion Nation

Bababa-ba-babana-Bababa-ba-babana-nananana-aaahhh.. Today, I'll be a kid again. Despicable Me 2 is now on theaters. :) If you still haven't watched the trailer, here's one of the many clips from YouTube and by far my favorite. 

And in case you were wondering about the banana song I was singing ( well, in my head) at the beginning of this post, I'll give you this video by way of explaining it. Prepare to have the banana song stuck in your head...FOREVER. You're welcome. ;)

Two days ago, I had to order three happy meals from Mcdo just to get these adorable minions. And oh I plan to collect the nine of them. I don't buy happy meals anymore but when I do the toys are for my nephew and not for me. But now, the minions are all for me. Haha! Meet Tim Giggling, Jerry Breakdancing and Tim Giggle Grabber. (L-R)

Also I really, really want this Minion iPhone case...but unfortunately I'm on team Blackberry. Just my luck! Gee! I don't know why I love the despicable minions so much. Do you love them too?

02 July 2013

Tad Shameful

A  man's guilty pleasures are things that he or she enjoys despite feeling bad about it, in other words, those that he or she should not like but like anyway.  The "guilt" in those pleasure usually just from the fear of somebody else finding out, as those pleasures tend to be tad embarrassing. This blog post is like that of guilty pleasures. This list is some of the things that I should not give a damn about but I do. 

I got the topic 25 Things I Am Ashamed I Care About from ThoughtCatalog dot com which is like a digital magazine.  It posts a lot of entertaining journals from various writers. Moving on, I decided to do one because it sure looked interesting and I have my own matters that I am quite ashamed that I care about too.  But here I also wanna add the things I am ashamed that I don't care about. Let's start with the former.

1. Other people's love life. Embarrassing as it is, I am one of those people who likes knowing who dates who especially in Hollywood or sometimes the artists I like here in the Philippines. Like why  stars from The Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev broke up or when did Man of Steel's Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco from TBBT start hooking up, those stuff. I mean people are naturally curious, right? It's just that mine is about other people's love life. 

2. Twitter. Recently, I posted here the reasons why I love twitter. I am on twitter literally 24/7. I constantly check how many people follow, re-tweet, favorite-d my tweets. My twitter is like my facebook. Social-media-peer-pressure I guess if there's such a thing. And in my humble opinion, my tweets are most times awesome.  Lol

3. Repeating outfits. This I think is the most I am ashamed about. I love dressing up since I was a kid. I am not rich yet I don't like repeating outfits. When going to parties, I can't risk getting captured in the same outfit twice. When I say same outfit I mean same look. So my rule is, the more memorable the party is, the less I can repeat the outfit.  But I think this mentality should not be the case because did I mention already I am not rich?

On the contrary to the list above. I also have some things that I should be ashamed about not caring.

1. My food intake. I am picky when it comes to what I eat (okay, in most things actually haha).  I don't regularly eat vegetables and when I do just those vegetables which don't have like any taste like potatoes or squash.  I eat a lot of sweets and junk food. Definitely not proportionate to ones that are good for my health. Just last month I was rushed to the hospital because of severe abdominal pain and my doctor said it was something to do with what I ate and should start being careful with what to eat.  Well the doctor was right, being healthy is important...but for me? being happy is more important. Lol I, though, really lessen a bit my junk food intake after that but now? I am back with my eating habits. 

2. Mother Earth. Okay, it's not like I don't care at all it's just that there's only an extent I do for Mother Earth. I don't do volunteering in programs that plant trees, picking up garbage or whatever (unless it was required from my school back then) but I do however turn the lights and water off when not in use. My strategy would not just save mother earth but the bill also. Haha! So win-win. :)

3.  Government. Sure, I am graduate of International Studies Major in American studies which pretty much involved in studying politics but I am not putting effort to be caring about what's happening right now in the Government.  They say my vote counts, my say matters etc. But I leave it to them. Hell, I am not even a registered voter and I am 21.  Okay I may be called devil-may-care because I do not participate and all but it's just that I think my time should be spent on better things. Preferably knowing how people's minds work. Or learning how to cook.  Anything but.  I'm not choosy. 

01 July 2013


Oh Miley... this is why I love you.

Listen to her latest record We Can't Stop, which by the way is  #2 on iTunes. :) The song is super catchy I promise. Love it!

30 June 2013

Twitter Is Just Right

Some of my friends on Facebook may be wondering why I have been awol on this popular platform which means less status or picture posts from me. Well, if you check my twitter account (@lykalopez) you'll notice how updated it is with whatever rants or happenings in my life compared to my Facebook profile. Whenever my friends hang out and talk random things or about the lives of our other friends, I am always lost. Why? Because I may still have my Facebook account but I spend less time on it and move to Twitter or Pinterest or to this blog. 

Now I'll give 4 top reasons why I prefer Twitter over Facebook.

1.  Twitter's  relationship approach is less exclusive.  Most twitter accounts are public. It means anyone can reach you (what you write and publish) whether be it your friend, enemy or a stranger or the other way around.  The people on twitter are not just your family and friends  but also significant people in certain industries that we look up to. 

2. Twitter forces us to be more concise with only 140 characters available which is sometimes, I admit, annoying but also makes Twitter simple and fast. I think Twitter is more accessible on smartphones too.  

3. The famous #hashtag on Twitter. I can easily search and converse with people about anything just by using this #symbol.  Though #hashtag is now available on Facebook, we all know that is a copycat.

4.  I can Retweet. There are a lot of cool people on Twitter. Cool people mean cool tweets. And what better to do with them? Re-tweet them. I am not selfish. Good stuff needs to be spread. 

Twitter is like my cool newspaper. The first thing I do when I wake up is check what I missed on Twitter. During the day, I am still on it. Even before I go to bed.  Sounds extreme? I think not.  A lot is happening on Twitter and it's fast. Apparently, there are also others who get why Twitter is way better than Facebook. 
"That’s because the people you can follow on Twitter, the contributions they make and the content that floats to the top is almost always much more interesting than your “friends’” attempts at creating the perfect construction of their lives." -Rocco Pendola  

Twitter is simple. Twitter just right, at least for me. As what they say "a daily dose of Twitter keeps insanity away". Lol But do you agree?  

29 June 2013

Heaven In a Jar

No people, this time it's not Nutella. My food stash in my room just had its newest member...the Trader's Joe Speculoos Cookie Butter. My new heaven in a jar. It was my sister who introduced this heaven to me. Believe me when I say this Cookie Butter would freakin' blow your mind. I couldn't agree more in its product line "All you have to do is taste it to understand." So true. I am now addicted to this Cookie Butter I'm certain sent from heaven. Ugh! I just can't get enough...which annoys me because my heaven is already running low. Buzzkill!

How do I experience this heaven confined in a jar? (because really, there are so many ways how to). Because it is that good, most times I eat it right out of the jar. Haha! It may be weird but also sometimes I like my heaven with a banana. Oh it sounded wrong. Lol 

So what are you waiting for? Go and get it and have a spoonful of heaven any time of the day. :)

25 June 2013

Happy Birthday Barbie

Last June 22, my dog Barbie turned 1 year old or as they say 7 years in dog world. I got Barbie when she was super tiny and only 2 months old. I have to say that before her I hate dogs. I don't like them, they're stinky and I feel that they're going to bite me anytime. But with her, I instantly love her and even more now. She sleeps with me. That's how much I love her. And she does not stink like for real! :) 

24 June 2013

Being Presentable

A while ago, I checked out my friend's (Yani) blog in which her last post was about her makeup routine, specifically the products she's using. So I thought why not do one too. I am having a lot of  extra time lately which is a good and a bad thing. Good because I can update my blog hence this and bad because I can think of many things to do which pretty much involve spending. But blogging is free so I'm choosing this. Lol

Anyway, I also wanna share the products I use for makeup and which comes first. Below are my favorite makeup products I regularly use. I always try for a no-makeup make-up/look during the day. 

Before starting and putting whatever makeup products I use I make sure I clean my face first with a toner (even when I'm fresh from the shower) and apply some moisturizer which is the most important part of my routine. This also can make makeups last longer.

1st  -  I use EB Pro Flawless Finish Foundation in Beige because it matches my skin. It does not make my face look too pale. 

2nd - Even though my liquid foundation is enough for a base, I still apply Revlon ColorStay Foundation so that my face would not look greasy. 

3rd  - I don't use this as my foundation as Max Factor Ageless Elixer 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum should be. I only use this as a bronzer because I don't like when a bronzer shimmers which most bronzer are. This is why I got it in a shade of Bronze  ;)

4th  -  This Maybelline Pure Blush Mineral in Pink gives my cheeks a color that is not fake.

5th  -Since I dyed my hair from black to light brown, I now use Nichido Eyebrow Pencil in Chesnut Brown

6th  - To smooth and give my eyebrows a natural look, I use Face Shop Brow Powder Duo

7th  - I use Revlon ColorStay Brow Enhancer in Blonde/Gold for obvious reason. 

8th  - Aziza eye shadow in Velvety palette for daylight or Urban Colour eye shadow and eye high light for nighttime

9th   - I use Nichido Mineral Kohl Pencil in Onyx because it does not smudge much. 

10th - I am not very particular with mascaras as long as they're waterproof but now I use the CoverGirl VolumeExact Mascara in Black Negro.

11th - Unlike most people, I apply Revlon Photoready Concealer in Fair Clair last.

12th - For the lips I either use Mac lipstick in Satin Pink Nouveau or if I am feeling bold I use Rimmel London Moisture Renew in Red Alert --- but in most days just Avon magic lipstick in Snow Pink mixed with EB matte lipstick in Off Beat Pink

Though my makeup routine looks like it takes time, it is not. I can apply these twelve steps in 5 to 10 minutes.  

For me, choosing makeup products is not as easy as a breeze for every skin tone needs its right shade of makeups. Plus not everyone knows how to properly use them. It takes practice. At an early age, I was already very kikay and loving the idea of using makeup so every morning I watched my mother putting her makeup on until I learn how to apply them to myself. I attended a workshop once about how to properly apply makeup products and it was very fun though I did not learn a lot. Haha! Now I watched makeup tutorials on YouTube. I think I can say that I can makeup well, not like a professional-well kind but just  girl-who-puts-makeup-regularly-well kind :)

Some people say that girls who wear makeup are maarte or insecure. I say we are not. Being simple (the opposite of maarte) does not mean having a bare face and look like a zombie. I mean obviously there are women who look exceptionally beautiful even without makeup but let's face it most people don't. I am not saying they're ugly, it's just that they are not presentable. Makeup allows us to enhance our best features and hide our flaws. Use them.   Maybe not regularly but at least on important occasions. My point is wearing makeup does not make us maarte but conscious enough to look presentable because being presentable does not only apply in the way we dress but with our faces too.

Anyways, above are products I see fit for my skin tone. I have a fair skin anyway.  Tell me if those fit you too or if you have any suggestions for me ;) 

23 June 2013

Dolls' Day Out

Last week I went to Manila and stayed there for a night waiting for my HK flight the next morning. To make my one day interesting I met with my two lovely dolls Yani and Jammy at Hollys Coffee in Taft and did some catching up. I was having a terrible headache but it did not stop me from having fun. Until the next time dolls. x

28 May 2013

Funny Kaling

Just recently I started watching the show The Mindy Project which is created and starred by the funny and awesome Mindy Kaling. The show is still on its first season on 2nd Avenue network here in the Philippines and on its second season in the US . The Mindy  Project follows Mindy Lahiri, an OB/GYN, through her personal and professional life. This show is full of comedic acts I can't help but love. 

The Mindy Project intertitle.png
Because I want more of her, I also read her book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) which was a comic memoir about her life. After finishing the book I knew I'm already in love with her.

And to end this post, I also wanna say that Mindy Kaling "favorite-d" my tweet. Haha! Just wanna share. ;D

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