30 December 2012

Why Not?

Remember, Celebrate. 

Before the holidays came, most people considered to not celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ since for some who recently became homeless because of the Bagyong Pablo had no reason to celebrate in the first place. But with the past holy masses that I have been attending, there's only one passage that seems appropriate for us all especially this Christmas. "The light shines in the dark, and the darkness could not overcome the light."

Merry Christmas! This is what we give each other on Christmas day. But what is it really that gives joy to our Christmas or what makes our Christmas merry? Most people would say that Christmas would be merry if we have the latest mini iPad, a plasma TV or a brand new car. But how about those who have less or none at all? Or the victims of Bagyong Pablo? And those who have lost their loved ones? Can we still greet them Merry Christmas?

To celebrate a merry Christmas in a time of poverty, calamities, it really possible? Can we have a merry Christmas even if our wealth or health is not enough? Our first answer is absolutely NO. But back with the homily, YES it is possible that even in our darkest times we can celebrate a very merry Christmas. "The coming of Jesus is the coming of light, The light shines in the dark and the darkness could not overcome the light".

They said that those who are scandalized by death are the ones who do not celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ because they do not have enough faith in Him. Christmas is about giving hope though. Christmas is for people who are in the dark, for people who are suffering, for people who are looking for hope. For people of faith, for those who believe that the child born on a manger to a poor family was indeed the Son of God who became one of us and who brought salvation into the world -  Christmas is a time to be merry.

A Christmas without Christ in our hearts and in our lives is an empty meaningless Christmas even if we have all the money to buy what we desire. It is Christ who brings joy to Christmas. It is also our love and generosity that can bring joy to others – and to ourselves too.

PS. This is so late for Christmas but what the hell I want to blog about it. HAHA :)
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