31 December 2012

Very Yellow Christmas

Unexpected is the word I would like to use to describe my Christmas Eve 2012. This year it was my family's turn to host the family gathering before Christmas and I tell you it was pretty fun, unexpected but fun in all aspects..not that we were the host this year I ain't bragging' but let me just show you some pictures of what we call pure awesomeness. :)

Our color motif for this year is yellow. For those who still does not know me my favorite color is yellow, yes yellow. One of the reasons why this became the top of my fave Christmas Eves. Last year was pink. And I think we are going to go for themes next year since we're done with red, green, blue, pink, and now yellow.

photo from IG @dytolentino
Pinoy Henyo: Lopez Edition. The most entertaining game that night. Everyone was participating and having fun, you can see that from all our smiles.

Baby Jillian is so cute..she totally looks like Pebbles from Flintstones.
(Yours truly, sister Angela, and mom)

Kalurkey moments with the cousin and Barbie the dog. ;)

It was indeed a great night. I wish for more Christmas like this, full of laughter, gifts, beer (duh!) and of course almost all of my family were present --- nothing beats that! 

I trust you all had a happy holiday just like I did! The jokes were on some of us who believed in Mayans. Well, let's just welcome 2013 with a big smile on our face. 

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