17 October 2012

Zoobic Safari

Last June I visited my cousins in Manila then we went straight to Subic. We checked into the Camayan Beach Resort, Subic Bay. During our stay we went to Zoobic Safari which is just around the corner from the resort. I'm not into the whole animal thing but I sure had a lot of fun in this zoo. 

I was scared even to the birds. haha

I can still feel the excitement and fear at the same time from this photo when a tiger jumped in our vehicle and ate the whole chicken from this man beside me. 

Got some camel action.

I swear I was pointing at something, I guess.
Time to go home. I am not welcome anymore. haha

I wish I could travel more even with this tight schedule of mine. I miss going to places I'm so excited to explore. I love being with my cousins too, they're so fun. I miss them. Oh well, I shall see them again. And travel more. ;)
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