25 October 2012


I have finally put together a quick post to show you the pictures from Kelly's party. This year, Jillian's cousin Kelly celebrated her 7th birthday party wearing disney's character Cinderella. It was held on October 20 2012 at Harana Native Restaurant located at F.Torres Street, Davao City. 

It's not a party without the games, right? Though it was children's party, of course there should also be for the children at heart folks. LOL This game is called the Duck Dance game.  

So eager listening to the instructions of the game. I'm in it to win it baby! LOL
Looking at my face..I can tell I was having so fun. ;)
Go! Go! Go!

At the end of the party, this little seven year old thanked all her guests a thousand times for coming at her party and that she had a blast! 

Cute moments like these she'll sure remember forever. It makes me reminisce all my birthdays before where I suggest any theme and my mom would just pull everything for that birthday-themed party. I had different themes every birthday: Powerpuff Girls theme, Snow White theme, Little Mermaid theme etc..How time flies so fast now I'm already 20. The best party I had was when I turned 18, I'm going to post about my 18th birthday some time. 

Anyway, I am so excited this coming Halloween. Looking forward to partying all night. Will post then. ;)

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