29 September 2012

It's Karaoke Night!

Last night, September 28 2012, was friday and it's karaoke night! What makes Filipinos different from other races is our unending craze for karaoke. Expect a karaoke session at nearly every event in the country, from weddings to birthdays, even baptisms! My gorgs friend Srella celebrated her post-birthday party amidst of a cozy atmosphere of good friends, scrumptious food, refreshing drinks and of course a good list of song numbers! I'd like to mention Kenart for paying everything up, thanks a lot! Haha ;) I might not have the sweetest voice but boy I surely had some fun. 

26 September 2012

Jillan is One

Today's the 1st birthday of my goddaughter Jillian. Though her birthday is today we celebrated it last September 22 down Deca Homes Resort Residences, Mintal DC. Anyway, I just want to share these fun moments happened last saturday. Her theme was Barbie, adorbz! Face painting, choco fondue, ice cream corner, pinata, balloon twisting, photo ops, karaoke, fun games, cool prizes.. a day filled with just pure laughter!

21 September 2012

I'm back!

Happy to be back at blogging! ;) It's been months since my last post, I didn't even finish my 30-day-behind-the-blogger challenge. I had too much on my plate these recent months and never got the chance to post something. A lot had happened and I wasn't able to share them with you. Sayang! But now that I'm back I will try my best to squeeze blogging into my "busy" life. Well, just glad to be blogging again. One of my best outlets.

For my comeback post, I'll share this one very-good-feeling moment in my life. My graduation pictures. =D

AB International Studies Major In American Studies

P.S. Sorry for the bad resolution. I didn't have time to scan the pictures so instead I took them with my smartphone. ;)

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