26 January 2012

Page 9 of 30: I ain't braggin'

Good morning dolls! Today brings us to Day 9 of the 30-day-behind-the-blogger challenge. And I am to tell you some things I am proud of.... probably about myself. HAHA

Okay so I am going to start by listing down all my, not really accomplishments because it's such a big word but things I can brag about. HAHA
  • I won a Lydia de Vega award
  • Champion in table setting
  • I choreographed our class performance during proms
  • Junior Prom Queen
  • I always get a perfect grade whenever I make a project (elementary to high school)
  • Can watch movies or tv series almost 24 hours straight without any sores
  • I got a score of 100 on a karaoke night singing Miley Cyrus' Party in the USA 
Actually I can only remember as far as those mentioned above. HAHA Collectively those things are pretty much me. Not very good but made me happy that it's part of me. So that's it. Have a good day dolls! Mach's gut!
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