22 January 2012

Page 4 and 5 of 30: keeping up

Well, this is discomfiting.. I couldn't keep up with the 30-day-behind-the-blogger challenge. I was so busy working on things that had to be done plus I was only using my blackberry internet services (it's difficult to blog on a phone,you know?) and as I fell tired last night I never got around to posting thus my-supposed-blog-yesterday is a day late.My apologies. So now, to make up with the challenge I had to do two blogs today. 

The first part of my blog would be the Day 4:  A habit that you wish you didn't have, or something that you are looking forward to. I know I have to choose either of the two but as I said I have to make up for missing the blog yesterday so I'll answer the two.

As for the habit I wish I didn't have, I think that would be contradicting people's opinions. I know people find that annoying. Of course who else would want a conversational partner to be so opposite to one's stand,right?  Before you make your judgments, let me tell you my reason for my habit, I am doing that just because I always want to weigh things out for I believe that if you want to have a good conversation, you talk to someone who doesn't agree with you so that you'll know the other side of things. It's a good thing I thought, however it still managed to pissed other people and that I don't want.

Now as for something I am looking forward to,............. wait, I'm still thinking (HAHA).... oh yes I have one and the thing that I am looking forward to is my new blackberry case and screen protector. Shallow as it seems, but at this very moment, that is the thing I really really want to have. ;)

The second part, today's blog, would be Day 5: A picture of somewhere you’ve been to. This picture was taken in Sentosa Island,Singapore, their own version of Universal Studios just like in Los Angeles and Japan. I chose this picture because I really had fun that day, I felt like I was in different places because of the different theme parks such as Hollywood or Madagascar. ;) Very tiring to stroll because it was uber-big but I'm sure you wouldn't mind it because you'll be amaze just like I did.

Just Day 4 and day 5 in one blog. From this day forward, I'll give my word that I'll never miss the blog day challenge ever again. ;) And oh, before I end this I want to say Kung Hei Fat Choi (Happy Chinese New Year) to everyone! ;)

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