20 January 2012

Page 3 of 30: Meet my friends

Good morning! I'm on Day 3 of the 30-day-behind-the-blogger challenge. It says put pictures of me with my friends. So..... meet some my friends.

Two of my best friends in the world (L-R) Jean,Nikki and me

My laughing buddies (L-R) Kym, me, Suu

Me with Yani, my model friend. HAHA

CHILDHOOD friends (L-R) Mich, me and the gay on the right Pau. HAHA

First ever barkada in College (L-R) Maria, Addy, Joyce, me, Jam and Arabelle

My rarely-we-see-each-other friend but forever in my heart friend. Srella on the left.

Gaga over GAGA, friend Pia

Okay, so I have another friend but sadly we don't have a picture together but still I want to acknowledge her. Her name is Marilyn and she was my neighbor til' her father died and moved away. I love her though we're apart. ;) 

Dolls, those are my friends. Hope you also meet them in person to see how great they are. ;)

Oh by the way, I want to share that I am so excited of what could happen today. Getting all the good vibes in the world. So long on the next challenge. Ciao!
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