19 January 2012

Page 2 of 30: What's with the name?

Hello dolls! ;) We're on day 2 of the 30-day-behind-the-blogger challenge. Today I am tasked to reveal the meaning behind my blogger name.

Well as you can see, my blog name is "something yellow" which is very contrary to the blog color motif of my page wherein it's all in black and gray and a little bit of pink on the side. So where the heck is the yellow? well, as some of friends know, I am very much in love with everything yellow. My favorite color ever since I became a teenager. Another fact about me, during my 18th birthday, I wore a mustard yellow gown which was made exactly like from the gown of Diane Kruger (known from the movie National Treasure) during the 2010 SAG awards. I'm that in love with the color. Though I am not the kind of person who wears their favorite color like head to toe, that's a no-no for me. And I think they're a little bit crazy, don't you think? 

Back to the topic, why that name, "something yellow" is the name of my blog because just like the color yellow, I came to love my blog too and there always will be something on my blog that makes me not leave it.

So there you go, the meaning of my blog name. See you tomorrow for the next blog day challenge! ;)

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