29 January 2012

Page 12 of 30: My Blog Story

Hey hey hey! Day 12 of the 30-day-behind-the-blogger challenge.. This day is about how I began blogging..

As one of the things I listed on my Day-1 blog (here's the link), #6 to be exact, my friend Yani was the one who introduced this blogging thing to me. She's, obviously, a blogger too. She was convincing me to take blogging into my system and said I should write movie reviews on every movie I watch, for all of you who don't know.. I am a movie buff. Movie buff is an urban term which defines someone who is addicted to movies and actively goes to the cinema on a regular basis.

Evidently, I was convinced. Then she helped me make my account. And the rest is history...

But if you check my blogs, you would notice that rarely did I make any movie reviews because since I am a movie buff, it's hard to keep with the movies I watch with the writing of its reviews. Instead, I write events of my life or anything that crosses my mind. 

As time goes by, I came to love writing. Mostly because I want to document the good moments happening in my life and share them. And that's my blog story. ;) Adios!
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