31 January 2012

Page 14 of 30: Meet my family

Guten Abend! Today I am to show you a picture of me and my family. Day 14 of the 30-day-behind-the-blogger challenge.

Meet the Lopez Family!

(L-R) Yours truly, Lyndon, Mom, Angela, Dad, Nephew Jake, Sister-in-law Fe and Jerik
The picture attached above was taken last Christmas eve. Our motif last year was pink, evidently. ;)

And the newest addition to our family.. 

My niece and goddaughter Jillian
She is now four months old. God knows how much I love her. There they are, my family!

30 January 2012

Page 13 of 30: An Empty Blog

Bonjour!  Day 13 of the 30-day-behind-the-blogger challenge. This blog should have been about my letter to someone who has hurt me recently. 

Okay so no one exactly hurt me recently....other than myself. But I don't want to say, write rather, something to myself for I feel like it's useless. Sorry dolls. This is just an empty blog.

29 January 2012

Page 12 of 30: My Blog Story

Hey hey hey! Day 12 of the 30-day-behind-the-blogger challenge.. This day is about how I began blogging..

As one of the things I listed on my Day-1 blog (here's the link), #6 to be exact, my friend Yani was the one who introduced this blogging thing to me. She's, obviously, a blogger too. She was convincing me to take blogging into my system and said I should write movie reviews on every movie I watch, for all of you who don't know.. I am a movie buff. Movie buff is an urban term which defines someone who is addicted to movies and actively goes to the cinema on a regular basis.

Evidently, I was convinced. Then she helped me make my account. And the rest is history...

But if you check my blogs, you would notice that rarely did I make any movie reviews because since I am a movie buff, it's hard to keep with the movies I watch with the writing of its reviews. Instead, I write events of my life or anything that crosses my mind. 

As time goes by, I came to love writing. Mostly because I want to document the good moments happening in my life and share them. And that's my blog story. ;) Adios!

28 January 2012

Page 11 of 30: M&M's

Hola! I'm on Day 11 of the 30-day-behind-the-blogger challenge! Today would be showing you a person whom I've been dying to meet. Correction, not just a person but 2 persons I'd surely love to meet.

Everybody knows I am a huge fan of Miley Cyrus. It was June 17 of 2011 when I flew to Manila and finally saw her during her concert here in the Philippines. Yes I saw her but I never really got the chance of meeting her, as in like face to face, you know? I tried and tried and tried to join, hopelessly, some contest just to win tickets that would lead me to meet her ("greet and meet tickets"). Unfortunately, the dream of meeting her didn't happen so meeting her is still the top on my list on people I would love to meet. ;)

Next is the forever like young Meryl Streep. I love her. All her movies are fun and undeniably good. And feels like she doesn't get old, very cool actually. Her beauty never goes out of fashion, I mean all she is.... was never, even once, lost in translation. She's talented and take note a really smart woman having a master's degree and a honorary degree from Yale and Harvard University, respectively. There's something about her that I really like. Plus, I don't know, but for me she kind of looks like my mom. HAHA no kidding, as in like they have this resemblance that I see. ;) All I can say is that she's a damn fine woman and it would be such an honor to meet her. Sounds impossible, right? Well, let's see about that. HAHA

27 January 2012

Page 10 of 30: My mood's playlist

What a cold morning. I love this weather. ;)  Aaaahh it puts me on a good mood to do some cleaning.. Oh who am I kidding? Of course, sleeping makes this cold weather annoyingly perfect. HAHA But no, I have to go to school. Yes it sucks. Grumbling aside,  today is the Day 10 of the 30-day-behind-the-blogger challenge wherein I tell you songs I listen to when I am are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad.

So I am going to start with songs when I am Happy.................?????????????????................. Oh right I am just going to start with songs when I am Sad.....................????????????????............ .No just when I am bored then .....???????????????/

Okay. Now that I have to list down the songs according to my mood... I'm indecisive, because guess what? I don't do that. I listen to anything on my iPod regardless of what song is playing or what kind of mood I am having. I just don't know why. Weird because I am the kind of person who really love music. Whenever I am bored I click the play button on my iPod in an instant. Sadly, I don't care what genre of music it is, I just want to listen some songs. It puts me in a good mood anyway.. Oh just like this cold weather. Geez..;)

26 January 2012

Page 9 of 30: I ain't braggin'

Good morning dolls! Today brings us to Day 9 of the 30-day-behind-the-blogger challenge. And I am to tell you some things I am proud of.... probably about myself. HAHA

Okay so I am going to start by listing down all my, not really accomplishments because it's such a big word but things I can brag about. HAHA
  • I won a Lydia de Vega award
  • Champion in table setting
  • I choreographed our class performance during proms
  • Junior Prom Queen
  • I always get a perfect grade whenever I make a project (elementary to high school)
  • Can watch movies or tv series almost 24 hours straight without any sores
  • I got a score of 100 on a karaoke night singing Miley Cyrus' Party in the USA 
Actually I can only remember as far as those mentioned above. HAHA Collectively those things are pretty much me. Not very good but made me happy that it's part of me. So that's it. Have a good day dolls! Mach's gut!

25 January 2012

Page 8 of 30: Plans

Day 8 of the 30-day-behind-the-blogger challenge. My short term goals for this month and why..... Ooh, this list is tough. Let me think.... Oh I got it. My goals would be: 

1. buy a new blackberry case and screen protector.
2. pay my monthly bills...yes as young as I am I have bills to pay already :(
3. finish our thesis
4. arrange my dresses, shoes and bags (I definitely going to blog after finishing this goal because this is difficult and I want to brag about doing it. HAHA)

That list would probably be it. As for now I mean. I don't think I need to explain it because it's that simple. ;)
See you 'till the next blog day challenge! I'm out! ;)

24 January 2012

Page 7 of 30: Mommy Doll

Hey! I'm still on the 30-day-behind-the-blogger challenge and thank God! HAHA well, now I'm on Day 7 which is showing you dolls who has the biggest impact on me. And that would absolutely be my mom. Like on my other blog titled Ten Things I Love, my mom was on top 1 and still now. Yay! ;) (here's the blog). And just like my reason there, I'm gonna tell you why again.

I quote there I love my MOM.. Yes, my mom beats it all. The thing that I love the most is her. My no.1.. She does it all for me. I know I've been a spoiled brat to her but um.. I don't know she is to blame. She gave everything to me and do things the way I want. Because I know making me happy is her thing.  I love her so much and I would not trade her for the world. I am lucky and happy that Erlinda Lopez is my mom. ;) We argue about that, about this but hey I don't care because If I lost her, I'll surely miss someone who pesters me around all day just to make me okay. You know what? my mom is nothing less than insert-a-word-that-would-beat-wonderful-because-it's-an-understatement! end quote.

Plus she really affected me in many ways. To the way I talk, view life, how I decide on things and even to the way I dress. Some even say she looks exactly like me.. I mean I look exactly like her. HAHA Most times my mom had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it. HAHA When my mom is around I feel that feeling of security that's why until now I still sleep beside her because I feel safe behind her arms. I am definitely a “mama’s girl” and, yes, I text or talk to my mom everyday. I owe everything to her. I love my mom so much that it's not even funny.

23 January 2012

Page 6 of 30: Just superhero

It's still chinese new year so again.. Kung Hei Fat Choi! HAHA. Back to my blog, now I'm on Day 6 which is telling my favorite superhero and why.

Okay so I'll just take it literally. My favorite superhero is Sinbad. I love him. He's smart, awesome and always gets away with anything. You gotta watch the movie Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas to be "awesomized". HAHA

Here's the trailer. Enjoy!

Till the next blog day challenge dolls. ;)

22 January 2012

Page 4 and 5 of 30: keeping up

Well, this is discomfiting.. I couldn't keep up with the 30-day-behind-the-blogger challenge. I was so busy working on things that had to be done plus I was only using my blackberry internet services (it's difficult to blog on a phone,you know?) and as I fell tired last night I never got around to posting thus my-supposed-blog-yesterday is a day late.My apologies. So now, to make up with the challenge I had to do two blogs today. 

The first part of my blog would be the Day 4:  A habit that you wish you didn't have, or something that you are looking forward to. I know I have to choose either of the two but as I said I have to make up for missing the blog yesterday so I'll answer the two.

As for the habit I wish I didn't have, I think that would be contradicting people's opinions. I know people find that annoying. Of course who else would want a conversational partner to be so opposite to one's stand,right?  Before you make your judgments, let me tell you my reason for my habit, I am doing that just because I always want to weigh things out for I believe that if you want to have a good conversation, you talk to someone who doesn't agree with you so that you'll know the other side of things. It's a good thing I thought, however it still managed to pissed other people and that I don't want.

Now as for something I am looking forward to,............. wait, I'm still thinking (HAHA).... oh yes I have one and the thing that I am looking forward to is my new blackberry case and screen protector. Shallow as it seems, but at this very moment, that is the thing I really really want to have. ;)

The second part, today's blog, would be Day 5: A picture of somewhere you’ve been to. This picture was taken in Sentosa Island,Singapore, their own version of Universal Studios just like in Los Angeles and Japan. I chose this picture because I really had fun that day, I felt like I was in different places because of the different theme parks such as Hollywood or Madagascar. ;) Very tiring to stroll because it was uber-big but I'm sure you wouldn't mind it because you'll be amaze just like I did.

Just Day 4 and day 5 in one blog. From this day forward, I'll give my word that I'll never miss the blog day challenge ever again. ;) And oh, before I end this I want to say Kung Hei Fat Choi (Happy Chinese New Year) to everyone! ;)

20 January 2012

Page 3 of 30: Meet my friends

Good morning! I'm on Day 3 of the 30-day-behind-the-blogger challenge. It says put pictures of me with my friends. So..... meet some my friends.

Two of my best friends in the world (L-R) Jean,Nikki and me

My laughing buddies (L-R) Kym, me, Suu

Me with Yani, my model friend. HAHA

CHILDHOOD friends (L-R) Mich, me and the gay on the right Pau. HAHA

First ever barkada in College (L-R) Maria, Addy, Joyce, me, Jam and Arabelle

My rarely-we-see-each-other friend but forever in my heart friend. Srella on the left.

Gaga over GAGA, friend Pia

Okay, so I have another friend but sadly we don't have a picture together but still I want to acknowledge her. Her name is Marilyn and she was my neighbor til' her father died and moved away. I love her though we're apart. ;) 

Dolls, those are my friends. Hope you also meet them in person to see how great they are. ;)

Oh by the way, I want to share that I am so excited of what could happen today. Getting all the good vibes in the world. So long on the next challenge. Ciao!

19 January 2012

Page 2 of 30: What's with the name?

Hello dolls! ;) We're on day 2 of the 30-day-behind-the-blogger challenge. Today I am tasked to reveal the meaning behind my blogger name.

Well as you can see, my blog name is "something yellow" which is very contrary to the blog color motif of my page wherein it's all in black and gray and a little bit of pink on the side. So where the heck is the yellow? well, as some of friends know, I am very much in love with everything yellow. My favorite color ever since I became a teenager. Another fact about me, during my 18th birthday, I wore a mustard yellow gown which was made exactly like from the gown of Diane Kruger (known from the movie National Treasure) during the 2010 SAG awards. I'm that in love with the color. Though I am not the kind of person who wears their favorite color like head to toe, that's a no-no for me. And I think they're a little bit crazy, don't you think? 

Back to the topic, why that name, "something yellow" is the name of my blog because just like the color yellow, I came to love my blog too and there always will be something on my blog that makes me not leave it.

So there you go, the meaning of my blog name. See you tomorrow for the next blog day challenge! ;)

18 January 2012

Page 1 of 30: Picture with facts

So my gorgeous and good friend Yani (here's her blog) asked me to take the challenge she's on, the 30-day-behind-the-blogger challenge, and I thought I should give it a try which brings me, us to Day 1: A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

1. I am a movie buff.
2. Hate the smell of taxis
3. I still cuddle with my mom.
4. Huge fan of Miley Cyrus.
5. I loath cockroaches and my patience for dogs is zero.
6. Yani was the one who introduced this blogging thing to me and said I should write reviews on every movie I watch.
7. I eat everything chocolate that's not dark chocolate or mint chocolate.
8. Track and field was my first love. I was a 100-meter-dash runner before and won awards.
9. Banana cake was the first ever cake I baked.
10. I always come across somewhat a brat.
11.  Dancing and music sets me on a good mood.
12. My favorite old and classic song would be "Reunited" by Peaches and Herb.
13. I am quite height-challenged. But not "short" short, you know what I mean? ;)
14. For me, my asset would be my brown eyes.
15. I love playing word games or any thinking games. It makes me relax.

With this 15 facts, hoping it's interesting, I think you know me a little better now. Till' the next day challenge. ;)

15 January 2012

Starting it right

The older we get, the more concerned we become with self-improvement and New Year’s resolutions. But kids seem to remain blissfully free from the pressure to make major changes in a new year. You know, we might have something to learn from them—less stressmore fun! ;) So this year's resolutions, my resolutions, would be as simple as possible. I thought, I shouldn't make any resolutions that I know I can't keep up, right? HAHA. 

Keeping that in mind, I am going to start my resolutions only with a) cleaning my room and b) drink more water and less soda / fruit drinks. For now, as simple as it gets at least I'm rest assured I can track them. ;) On second thought cleaning and less drinking are harder than I think.

So now, how did I spent my new year? They say from the second new year comes, if you'll jump you'll get taller.. and oh my I sure went for it and jump like a hundred times with all my might.  let's just hope it'll come true. (HAHA *fingers crossed) Other than busy jumping like I said, new year should be fun and so I did. We had our traditional new year's eve party.

It feels somewhat sad to know that I'm getting older with the new year coming. HAHA but I'm looking forward to a wonderful 2012. Happy New Year dolls! ;)
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