31 December 2012

Very Yellow Christmas

Unexpected is the word I would like to use to describe my Christmas Eve 2012. This year it was my family's turn to host the family gathering before Christmas and I tell you it was pretty fun, unexpected but fun in all aspects..not that we were the host this year I ain't bragging' but let me just show you some pictures of what we call pure awesomeness. :)

Our color motif for this year is yellow. For those who still does not know me my favorite color is yellow, yes yellow. One of the reasons why this became the top of my fave Christmas Eves. Last year was pink. And I think we are going to go for themes next year since we're done with red, green, blue, pink, and now yellow.

photo from IG @dytolentino
Pinoy Henyo: Lopez Edition. The most entertaining game that night. Everyone was participating and having fun, you can see that from all our smiles.

Baby Jillian is so cute..she totally looks like Pebbles from Flintstones.
(Yours truly, sister Angela, and mom)

Kalurkey moments with the cousin and Barbie the dog. ;)

It was indeed a great night. I wish for more Christmas like this, full of laughter, gifts, beer (duh!) and of course almost all of my family were present --- nothing beats that! 

I trust you all had a happy holiday just like I did! The jokes were on some of us who believed in Mayans. Well, let's just welcome 2013 with a big smile on our face. 

30 December 2012

Why Not?

Remember, Celebrate. 

Before the holidays came, most people considered to not celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ since for some who recently became homeless because of the Bagyong Pablo had no reason to celebrate in the first place. But with the past holy masses that I have been attending, there's only one passage that seems appropriate for us all especially this Christmas. "The light shines in the dark, and the darkness could not overcome the light."

Merry Christmas! This is what we give each other on Christmas day. But what is it really that gives joy to our Christmas or what makes our Christmas merry? Most people would say that Christmas would be merry if we have the latest mini iPad, a plasma TV or a brand new car. But how about those who have less or none at all? Or the victims of Bagyong Pablo? And those who have lost their loved ones? Can we still greet them Merry Christmas?

To celebrate a merry Christmas in a time of poverty, calamities, it really possible? Can we have a merry Christmas even if our wealth or health is not enough? Our first answer is absolutely NO. But back with the homily, YES it is possible that even in our darkest times we can celebrate a very merry Christmas. "The coming of Jesus is the coming of light, The light shines in the dark and the darkness could not overcome the light".

They said that those who are scandalized by death are the ones who do not celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ because they do not have enough faith in Him. Christmas is about giving hope though. Christmas is for people who are in the dark, for people who are suffering, for people who are looking for hope. For people of faith, for those who believe that the child born on a manger to a poor family was indeed the Son of God who became one of us and who brought salvation into the world -  Christmas is a time to be merry.

A Christmas without Christ in our hearts and in our lives is an empty meaningless Christmas even if we have all the money to buy what we desire. It is Christ who brings joy to Christmas. It is also our love and generosity that can bring joy to others – and to ourselves too.

PS. This is so late for Christmas but what the hell I want to blog about it. HAHA :)

22 November 2012

Kollect at Perkins

Today,  Dorothy Perkins Philippines launches the most awaited 

Kardashian Kollection.

I'm always a huge fan of the Kardashians, I love their corky family and - yes - their fashion.  I have their Kardashian Konfidential books and all other things Kardashian. I shop clothes and accessories that are similar to their style but now that the Kardashian Kollection are here in the Philippines, it's now really easy to steal their real looks. The Kardashian sisters, Khloe, Kim and Kourtney, put their va-va-voom style in to over 100 pieces for the Dorothy Perkins worldwide ranging from chic tops,  modish accessories, classy clutch bags to - of course - the stunning party dresses. The Kardashian Kollection is inspired and personal picks from our favorite reality star sisters. Their styles are to die for and I can't wait to get my hands on this line in time for Christmas...and for the rest of my holidays. LOL

Shop now at all Dorothy Perkins available here in the Philippines. Get the Kardashian look and be fab!

26 October 2012

Pin it!

Yesterday, I joined the hit social photo sharing website called Pinterest.

Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies, and more. Users can browse other pinboards for inspirations, 're-pin' images to their own collections or 'like' photos. (

Now that I have a Pinterest account, I'll start or try start posting what most people do in instagram which is OOTD or Outfit Of The Day. I love dressing up but I'm too lazy to take a formal picture and post it on the web like people in lookbook. I want the informal kind, not a fan of instagram, so I opted to Pinterest.

It's just been a day but I'm so craze with Pinterest right now. It's like a one-stop-website for me. I'm a huge fan of twitter and Pinterest is like twitter but instead of statuses I get images like this one...


So if you're going to try Pinterest, don't forget to follow me.. it's ;)

25 October 2012


I have finally put together a quick post to show you the pictures from Kelly's party. This year, Jillian's cousin Kelly celebrated her 7th birthday party wearing disney's character Cinderella. It was held on October 20 2012 at Harana Native Restaurant located at F.Torres Street, Davao City. 

It's not a party without the games, right? Though it was children's party, of course there should also be for the children at heart folks. LOL This game is called the Duck Dance game.  

So eager listening to the instructions of the game. I'm in it to win it baby! LOL
Looking at my face..I can tell I was having so fun. ;)
Go! Go! Go!

At the end of the party, this little seven year old thanked all her guests a thousand times for coming at her party and that she had a blast! 

Cute moments like these she'll sure remember forever. It makes me reminisce all my birthdays before where I suggest any theme and my mom would just pull everything for that birthday-themed party. I had different themes every birthday: Powerpuff Girls theme, Snow White theme, Little Mermaid theme etc..How time flies so fast now I'm already 20. The best party I had was when I turned 18, I'm going to post about my 18th birthday some time. 

Anyway, I am so excited this coming Halloween. Looking forward to partying all night. Will post then. ;)

17 October 2012

Zoobic Safari

Last June I visited my cousins in Manila then we went straight to Subic. We checked into the Camayan Beach Resort, Subic Bay. During our stay we went to Zoobic Safari which is just around the corner from the resort. I'm not into the whole animal thing but I sure had a lot of fun in this zoo. 

I was scared even to the birds. haha

I can still feel the excitement and fear at the same time from this photo when a tiger jumped in our vehicle and ate the whole chicken from this man beside me. 

Got some camel action.

I swear I was pointing at something, I guess.
Time to go home. I am not welcome anymore. haha

I wish I could travel more even with this tight schedule of mine. I miss going to places I'm so excited to explore. I love being with my cousins too, they're so fun. I miss them. Oh well, I shall see them again. And travel more. ;)

16 October 2012

Skywalk Extreme

As I was cleaning files in my lappy I found these pictures which were taken last January this year. This was our first skywalk experience in Cebu. It was such a fun activity it blew my mind. Thought I'd share it.

In Sky Walk Extreme, you will walk around in a translucent glass flooring on the edge of the Crown Regency Hotel with an overhead safety harness, of course, at the main outer rim of the building. It gives you a nerve-racking feeling as if you are floating on cloud nine. It is widely known to be the 4th in the world and first in the Philippines. (

It was a good decision we took the adventure nighttime so we could see the breath-taking view of the Cebu City.

I'll be back here soon, that's for sure. Good memories. ;)

29 September 2012

It's Karaoke Night!

Last night, September 28 2012, was friday and it's karaoke night! What makes Filipinos different from other races is our unending craze for karaoke. Expect a karaoke session at nearly every event in the country, from weddings to birthdays, even baptisms! My gorgs friend Srella celebrated her post-birthday party amidst of a cozy atmosphere of good friends, scrumptious food, refreshing drinks and of course a good list of song numbers! I'd like to mention Kenart for paying everything up, thanks a lot! Haha ;) I might not have the sweetest voice but boy I surely had some fun. 

26 September 2012

Jillan is One

Today's the 1st birthday of my goddaughter Jillian. Though her birthday is today we celebrated it last September 22 down Deca Homes Resort Residences, Mintal DC. Anyway, I just want to share these fun moments happened last saturday. Her theme was Barbie, adorbz! Face painting, choco fondue, ice cream corner, pinata, balloon twisting, photo ops, karaoke, fun games, cool prizes.. a day filled with just pure laughter!

21 September 2012

I'm back!

Happy to be back at blogging! ;) It's been months since my last post, I didn't even finish my 30-day-behind-the-blogger challenge. I had too much on my plate these recent months and never got the chance to post something. A lot had happened and I wasn't able to share them with you. Sayang! But now that I'm back I will try my best to squeeze blogging into my "busy" life. Well, just glad to be blogging again. One of my best outlets.

For my comeback post, I'll share this one very-good-feeling moment in my life. My graduation pictures. =D

AB International Studies Major In American Studies

P.S. Sorry for the bad resolution. I didn't have time to scan the pictures so instead I took them with my smartphone. ;)

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