27 December 2011

Christmas went Pink

You know how our family likes to dressed up every Christmas in one color? last year we decided to go for Blue. and so this year, our Christmas went PINK. The 24th of December, we spent our annual gathering at my brother's house. We had great food, music and of course a lot of presents. Good thing I put burning everything-I-ate-these-holidays, as always, on top of my new year's resolutions. I don't know with you guys but for me eating is the best vacation thing to do, the food was the best Christmas present ever!! haha ;)

Lots of fun were happening during the picture taking, gift giving, talent sharing and the in-between crazy moments. Oh this is my favorite party holiday season yet. I thank God for giving us a day for everyone to see and enjoy each other's company. These were our pictures taken that night. So nice and cute! ;)

My family (L-R) Yours truly, Lyndon, Linda, Angela, Eddie, Fe, Jake and Jerik.  Baby Jillian wasn't around during the picture taking because she's still sleeping.

With my lovely sister Angela

Crazy Cousins with my mom, Tita Bing and Tito Al

the Apos with our dearest Lola Roberta

Girl bonding time. (L-R) Cousin Cindy, me, Lola, Cousin Twizel and sister Angela. PS. forgive my slippers, I hurt my foot so bad in the middle of the party thus I can't wear my black shoes.

Even Baby Jillian was dressed up in pink. So adorable!

We had gift giving session and I had this...the tiniest and cutest gift I have ever received this year! thanks Tita Myrna. ;)

Even when she was sleeping, she still managed to be cute, why is that?

fun time with the cousins

Dancing to the tune of Teach me How to Dougie.  Good times!

I hope you dolls had a joyous Christmas as much as I did. So how did your Christmas went?

20 December 2011

Jillian's Christening

Few days ago, the newest member of our family, Jillian Claire, was baptized at Assumption Church followed by a party held at Harana. I want to share these memorable moments with you.

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