18 October 2011

Head Over Heels

name: Jillian Claire Miraflor Lopez
birth date: 26 September 2011     
birthplace: Davao City, PH           
relationship: niece                        

my dearest, dearest, dearest jillian, i'm sooo happy to finally meet you! you have given life so much more meaning! you are such a bundle of joy! you mean so much to your daddy and mommy, lolos and lolas, titos and titas! i will do my best to be the best ninang i can be, and for us, you are the cutest baby in the world! i love you jillian! ♥with all the love in the world,
xoxo, ninang lyka

anyone who knows me knows how in love i am with my goddaughter jillian claire miraflor lopez! actually not just me, but our whoooole family. and when i say whole family i mean the whole family of jillian's dad and mom, and even friends and neighbors! we're all obsessed with our little bundle of joy! we are all crazy about jillian!!!!

call me biased, but jillian is such an adorable baby girl!!!

Get ready for the cute-ness level to rise even more with this picture i am about to share! our family has over a hundred pitures of jillian, but this has got to top the list of my favorite jillian pics!!

fat cheeks!!!! jillian has such fat, kissable, bite-able cheeks!!!! :)

life's simple but priceless pleasures include bonding sessions with jillian..this is me, for the first time, to hold her!

 Confirmed, I am head over heels with jillian!
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