19 October 2011

dead spot

After days with no access to the internet, I felt like I withdraw myself from the world and was rotting at home. Since there was no net, I took some R & R. Mostly I was in my room. I love my room and the fact that I have everything there. Yes, its like inception. A home within a home. ;) So I had whole body massage(home service of course), tried my own version of "yoga",  watched a couple of tv series, always eating, mani-pedi, read some self-help books and SLEEP, my favorite. ;) With all the things I've done still for some time, I had some boredom moments. And when I'm bored, I eat, and when I eat, I get fat, and when I get fat, I am not happy, so I really did hope that I don't get bored but I did, so I ate..I know, excuses. haha

But now, I'm back, obviously. So I will keep you posted with the happenings. xoxo ;)

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