25 October 2011

"i do"


Usually, when people are asked "what is love?", the probable answers would be that it is a feeling or an emotion or our care for someone, well tell you what.. guuuiiilty! ;) those were my answers too. Well until I learned something different. 

Last Sunday, my mom, brother, sister-in-law and me were having dinner and the question "what is love?" came up in our conversation. It was my brother who brought it up and asked me "what is love?" (it was kind of weird at first but turned out totally awesome) and as all of you know those mentioned above were my answers, right? and I believe I was certain about it then. Then he said, "love is a will of mind" and I was like, "what?". So he told me it was the homily earlier of the priest that Sunday. He explained, that love is a will of mind and not an emotion or a feeling that we most say. As the priest said "you can never like your enemies but you can always love them". Here we can see the distinction between the words like and love. For Like can be associated with our feeling of attraction toward someone or our taking pleasure in or with something, probably temporary whereas to Love, it would fall into the will of our mind whether to work with somebody or for some to strive for their family and love?.... it could last for a loooooong time, as long as we would want it to last. Now I can say that there is love that lasts forever.  (Whew! goose bumps there) You agree with me?

On our way home this evening, my mom and I were talking about the divorce bill here in the Philippines that is still on debate to date.  For what it's worth,  I decided that I'm going against the bill.  In Filipino culture, marriage is regarded as a sacred union and involves a whole lot of risks and I admit at first I don't really believe in that but now I do. I know that in marriage, everything is not always love but I also happen to know that love affects everything. Love comes with respect hand in hand and with these anything could work.

It's always, always good to have options. I've witness a lot of failed marriages and some of the, deserved, couples must have the option to avail of remedies from failed marriages that will pave the way for the attainment of their full development and self-fulfillment and the protection of their human rights. Okay, so it's not that simple, with all the factors to be considered and with the failed marriages we've seen but then let's go back to my main point here, love is something that is a will of our mind. The will of the mind is way too powerful than you think. Whenever you feel that love is fleeting, start fill that will or drive to make things work again. Think again what brought that drive and everything will fall into its right place.

Love is related but we must stand on a common ground, right? I think what the priest said was a good way to think things over. And somehow make it as a starting point to view matters that way. 

PS. Be positive. x)

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