28 August 2011

Summer 2011

My summer destinations were: 
    Surigao. My first stop in Surigao was Hinatuan's Enchanted River, about 45 minutes away from the town proper.  Long drive but worth the taking.  Locals talk about the river being watched by spirits that is why no one swims there by 6 pm. I was accompanied with my eldest brother Jerik, who is currently residing there, and with my other brother Lyndon together with his girlfriend Valerie. 

                          Second Stop was in Bislig's Tinuy-an Falls, still in Surigao. It is but normal for one to be struck speechless and amazed when one sees for the first time the Tinuy-an Falls – definitely THE grandest and most majestic waterfalls I’ve ever seen. And it’s not an overstatement.

      Manila. Well, not my first time but definitely made my summer a great one. I went there to accompany my sister Angela in her condo, to attend her Graduation and my next trip  was also exit-Manila. We had big time real bonding together during the Holy Week. Also I spent my 19th birthday there only with my good friend Jam. 


     Malaysia. Third stop is in Kuala Lumpur.  KL is a sprawling city. Despite having many attractions, Kuala Lumpur is one of those cities which is short on must-see attractions: the real joy lies in wandering randomly, seeing, shopping and eating your way through it.


Singapore. Summer months were about to end but clearly not mine. I had to go to the Lion City. My last stop but definitely the best. Singapore is a melting pot of cuisines from around the world, and many Singaporeans are obsessive gourmands who love to makan ("eat" in Malay). You will find quality Chinese, Malay, Indian, Japanese, Thai, Italian, French, American and other food in this city-state. When I was in SG, I tasted the greatest coffee I've ever tried in my life. ;)

And that's how my summer went. Summer 2011, the angelique's way. ;)
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