06 July 2011

How I Met Miley Cyrus

Last June 17 2011, I flew to Manila to watch Miley Cyrus' Corazon Gitano Tour. And I had a blast. It was superb. She was great as ever. I finally met her. Here are some pictures and video I took from her concert.

singing her last song "Who owns my heart?"

   And this is the only video i've taken. Miley singing "Party In The USA"
P.S. It's just link to my other account. It takes awhile to upload it here. ;)

 I bought a glow in the dark Miley Cyrus bracelet during the concert, just to have some remembrance aside from the pictures. ;) I also didn't throw away my ticket and I still have it on my wallet. Take a look.

I've always been a fan of Miley Cyrus. Still am. And that will never change. So long, Miley Cyrus. ;)
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