04 May 2011

Dirty Sexy Money

And so I just started watching Dirty Sexy Money season 1 and half way through it .  Then, when I google-d the episodes of the second season I found out that there was no season 3 due to low-ratings. Dirty Sexy Money was produced by ABC Network. In my opinion, on the contrary, Dirty Sexy Money was actually doing really great and ABC sucks.

To know what Dirty Sexy Money is all about:
Dirty Sexy Money follows nice-guy lawyer Nick George who takes over his late father’s (Dutch George) only client, the wealthy and powerful Darling family. Tripp Darling  is incredibly influential but is living proof that money isn’t everything. His relationships with his wife Letitia  and their five grown children is sometimes shaky at best. His adult children are politician Patrick, promiscuous Karen, corrupt clergyman Brian, and immature, party-loving twins Jeremy and Juliet. Simon Elder is like Tripp Darling, a very wealthy and influential man and came to be the enemy of  Tripp.

The series revolves around Nick George, whose whole life has been lived in the shadow of the Darling family, but as an adult he's leading a simple life as an idealistic lawyer, until his father's suspicious death. The wealthy Darlings of New York have asked him to take over his father's job as their personal lawyer, but the money that will allow him the freedom to be an altruistic do-good is only part of the picture. That same money pulls him into the dubious doings of the Darling clan.

However due to the cancellation of the show, the running plot line of the mystery of Dutch George will never be solved as it is revealed in the final episode that he is in fact alive and well and puppeteers Simon Elder.

                                            I know, right? ABC SUCKS!
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