02 February 2011

Oh yes, I'm an addict.

They say the first step to recover from addiction is to admit that you're an addict. So here I am, "I AM AN ADDICT"Watching movies or television shows has been my favorite thing to do ever . and when I say favorite I mean watching at least like 12  to 15 hours a day, way too favorite, don't you think?. I'm into it especially, American shows . and the newest addition to my list is.. NIKITA.

The show is kinda like the movie Salt, the protagonist here is an assassin. Story aside, I think my hobby doesn't do good that much to me anymore, I study and sleep less plus my mom always scold me for watching too much cause it might harm my eyes. 

Never mind of all the movies I've watched cause we might won't stop plus I'll probably won't remember all of it. But here's the list of  some TV Shows I've watched and still watching:

      1.   Naruto
2.       Rave
3.       Bleach
4.       Detective Conan
5.       Baki
6.       Hajime No Ippo
7.       Tazura na Kiss
8.       Club
9.      .Spring Waltz
10.   Couple in Trouble
11.   Coffee Prince
12.   Lovers
13.   It Started with a Kiss
14.   They Kiss Again
15.   Over the Rainbow
16.   Romantic Princess
17.   Boys Over Flower
18.   Three Dads One Mommy
19.   Tinker Bell
20.   Eye Shield 21
21.   Princess Hour
22.   American Idol
23.   Lovers in Paris
24.   Slum Dunk
25.   Hunter X Hunter
26.   Shaman King
27.   Princess Lulu
28.   24
29.   One Tree Hill
30.   Gossip Girl
31.   Justice 
32.   How I Met Your Mother
33.   Family Guy
34.   Mentalist
35.   House
36.   Dexter
37.   Grey's Anatomy
38.   Glee
39.   Brothers and Sisters
40.   Ugly Betty
41.   90210
42.   Prison Break
43.   Kendra
44.   Keeping Up with the Kardashians
45.   Junior Masterchef Australia
46.   America's Next Top Model
47.   Desperate Housewives
48.   Numbers
49.   Kourtney & Kim take New York
50.   Khloe & Kourtney hit Miami
51.   Modern Family
52.   The Walking Dead
53.   Cougar Town
54.   Heroes
55.   Friends
56.   Wizards of Waverly Place
57.   Jonas
58.   Hannah Montana
59.   Accidentally on Purpose
60.   Top Design
61.   Totally Spice
62.   So You Think You Can Dance
63.   Deadliest Catch
64.   Chuck
65.   Phineas & Ferb
66. Castle

Note: Hindi pa kasali diyan iyong mga pinanood ko way back. whew! what a list. haha such an addict. I'll probably won't recover from it. Wish me luck. ;)
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