12 February 2011

Facebook "LIKE" button

Question: Uhm, Why does Facebook even give me the option to 'like' my own status? Of course I like my status. why wouldn't I?  I'm the one who posted it. I mean why would we post a status which we don't like in the first place.Other thing also, I don't get people who "LIKE" their own status, for me, they look like an idiot (sorry but true). It's like  saying to someone "Think Positive" while he waits for his AIDS test results, that stupid. And you know what's worst? when your friend chats you, saying if you can like their status. how's that even possible? Guys, please don't do that. My advice: Don't "like" or tell people to "like" your own status. 

I find people who do that very funny. Not mad, just observing. Now I've said my piece. 
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