23 January 2011

This is how I spent my Christmas last 2010.

It's 24th of December, my family and I spent our Nochebuena at my aunt's house.We had fun,drinks,food, lots of picture taking and most of all, everyone's presence, so I thought of sharing it to you. Every year, our family had these party themes, and we decided to go for the Blue Christmas that year. So cute! ;)

PS. Sorry I uploaded it late. I got kinda busy during these first weeks.
my awesome siblings. love em'
crazy cousins
Sayang! There should have been a mistletoe  here
so that I can get kissed. 
another photo from my ASTEEG (awesome) family!

with my closest brother.
actually we had a love and hate relationship. but mostly hate.
just kidding. haha I love him cause he's a very nice brother.
Now, get jealous. Also, this is my favorite photo of all. 
btw, his name is Eduard Lyndon. ;)
My wonderMOM. she does it all for me.
 She's the greatest. I loooooove her so much.
We kinda look alike, don't you think?
So these are my cousins, only in my dad's side. 
wee! so cute
ladies on the corner. we're just great! 

So that's how I spent my Christmas last 2010. Looks great. ain't it? The pictures says it all. ;)

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