18 December 2010

sometimes Mass and Children don't mix.

Just this morning. I attended Misa de Gallo on a church close to our house.  So while the mass was going on, the little girl was crying because she wants to sleep, who doesn't? It's 5 am. Don't get me wrong, she's cute and all that stuff while crying but God, she was so annoying, Hello! we're trying to listen to the Homily here. please shut up! You know what, I really don't understand why parents bring them to masses at such an early age, I mean they don't even know what the priest is saying. This scenario makes the children traumatized over masses, they would think its tiring and boring and when they grow up they don't want to go to church anymore. right? I suggest that the parents should just explain to their children that there's a right time when they should go to masses. And so that when the time comes, going to masses is something they will look forward to, not forced to. 

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