25 December 2010

a miracle indeed

I really think I need to blog this. I completed the.........wait for it... 9-novena-masses!!!! What is up! Okay, now I think I'm exaggerating it BUT, but I really am happy. That for the first time in 18 years, I have completed it. And for me, it is indeed a MIRACLE. You know, It is very difficult to wake up everyday very early as 4 o'clock. right? 

They said that if you completed the 9-novena-masses, you've earned a wish from Jesus. So since I made it, I made a wish awhile ago. I won't say what it is 'cos it will not come true. But let's just say it's for my mom. 

Well, I am out of words here so this is it. I feel fulfilled and happy. ;) Have a Merry Christmas everyone..
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