21 December 2010

how magic works

Isn't it heartbreaking when you surely believed onto something and just to find out, it is not real after all? In the movie When in Rome, it is amazing how magic makes the world up-side-down. In magic, everything can happen, and when it will, I promise, you'll be sweep off. But the moment you discover the tricks behind it, when you know that it's not true, it is sad. Well that's how magic take its course. But  you know it is not bad at all times. Sometimes, we need magic, I need magic, I need it because in that very seconds when there's magic there is nothing but only good things. Believing something is not a bad thing, we'll just have to make sure that we also know that there's a possibility it can't be true.  A friend of mine said to me that there's also one thing she know when believing has nothing bad on its sleeves, and that is believing in oneself . You see, making magic happen had to do with believing. Without it, what's left. So that's how magic works.
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