11 May 2014


This is to thank my mother. I mean she made me so she should be publicly acknowledged, right? Ha-ha! Kidding aside, I just want to say to my best roommate ever a very happy mother's day! and I love you mama more than you'd ever know. Please do know that I appreciate all the things you have done for me and I thank God every day for giving me a mother just like you. I love that you are very thoughtful of me; I love that even after almost 22 years we still kiss and hug super tight always; I love that you can't sleep without me beside you; I love that we say "I love you" to each other everyday; I love that you trained me to dress good ;)  and I mostly love that you spoil me at times a little too much. Ha-ha! Sometimes it aches my heart when you feel that I don't care you enough because I really do, so much. I love you mother! Always and forever.

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08 May 2014

Not a Junkie

Nope, not really a make-up junkie but a good set of make-up products won't hurt. Some products I ditched since my last make-up post (here) and some I use still. This is my everyday make-up routine now.

For the whole coverage:

1. CanMake Smooth Skin primer for my make-up to last longer plus it's much easier to apply the concealer smoothly.
2.  Mac Pro Longwear Concealer in NC35 to hide my black spots I get from not sleeping early. Ha-ha!
3. Mac Prep+Prime Highlighter in Radiant Rose. I put this not just on my under eye but also on my chin and nose.
4. Mac Studio Fix powder in NC35 to complete the matte look.
5. Urban Decay setting spray. Okay this product is a trooper, really.

For the eyes:

1. Nichido eyebrow pencil in Chesnut Brown to define my eyebrows and finish it with Mac brow gel in Girl Boy to match my very light brown hair.
2. Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel eyeliner in Black.
3. I'm into Maybelline set of eye shadows now. Can't get enough.
4. CoverGirl Volume-Exact Mascara in Black Noir

For the cheeks:

1. Maybelline Pure Blush Mineral in Pink.
2. I use Max Factor Ageless Elixer 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum as a bronzer still

For the lips (either):

1. Mac in Ruby Woo
2. Mac in Pink Nouveau
3. Nyx lip cream in Milan

So recently, my friend commented on this picture that I put too much make-up on which I really think I don't, duh! Ha-ha! But do you agree?

Photo: Braid selfie. Haha!

07 May 2014


There's nothing better than losing yourself in a book. Wow, that sounded so geek. Haha! Oh well, I finished a book a week ago titled Toxic (book 2) written by Rachel Van Dyken which made to my favorite things in life.  The first book is Ruin which reminded me of A Walk to Remember which I am fan of, but not Ruin. It was followed by Toxic which is like Notting Hill in a way or two. But Toxic is different. It is about  falling in love again after what seems like a very long nightmare. Finding hope to a happily ever after.Though there were parts I wished the author explored more, like the girl's story (Saylor). I think Toxic has too much dose of Gabe and Kimmy's. But as a whole, the book is great. Totally recommending ya'll to read.

And this folks is my favorite line from the book:

[photo credit:]

And I think the perfect song for the story is U2's With or Without You. If you know the story behind the song, it is just like the book. Bono's passion for music complicates his life with his wife. Bono said "neither facet of his life defined him, but rather the tension between the two did....and how repressing desires only makes them stronger." Just like Gabe, he has this part of his life he can't let go (with Kimmy's) and another part which involves Saylor, his happily ever after. Gabe can't live with Saylor as this would bring pain to both of them as he cannot love her wholly but he also can't live without Saylor as she fiercely loves her. God I love Toxic and the song. Okay I'm out. 

10 January 2014

Mute Button

I am definitely not indifferent. You're boring. 

In my work now, or even in the previous one, it requires a show for interest about matters even God doesn't want to know because it is that boring. I am constantly boggled why people share disinteresting stuff, I mean hello, don’t you have your siblings for that?

People often brand me as a quiet person but I am not. I just don’t want to talk about the things they share with me. Of course I am not rude so I’ll listen but please don’t take 20 minutes of my time discussing what color fits you or what happened to your cat AND expect me to do so too.  Believe me you would not want to know what's up with my cat too.

Some people assume things about me since I am a "quiet" person. From assuming I have problems to thinking I lack social skills. I'm like whatever, as long you shut up. I just wish there is polite way of saying shut the hell up. Some people just need a mute button.

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09 January 2014

I Just Cannot

So here's a question: How do you like to start your morning?

In a dream world, my morning would always be quiet, where I would never have to rush. Not even for breakfast or a beautiful sunrise. Then I'd be able to lie in bed for hours, checks phone and contemplating life... but I know 
this rarely, if ever, happens of course.
My alarm usually goes off at 7:30, although I do hit the snooze a couple of times.. okay I admit more than a couple of times. Then I visit the ladies’ room, splash some water on my face, and drag myself to the kitchen, not stopping for anything or anyone until I have that cup of coffee in my hand. 

[photo credit:]
Nothing, and I mean literally nothing, is worth waking up early for me. I love my bed, it is almost my shrine. Wouldn't you love it when we get to wake up anytime we want with no consequences. I am not saying I am not gonna work, it's just that i want it to be in my own phase. Where we could wake up late and still finish what we have to do in a day.

 I'm kind of a grumpy animal for the first hour or two after I get up. When my shift at work starts early, my staff would always notice how I really hate mornings. Ha-ha! I'm pretty uncommunicative first thing in the morning so sorry if you happen to wake up next to me. I really cannot be all jolly in the morning. I just cannot. well, except for bacon. They're awesome.

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